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Avitchi: thoughts become instant reality

Jan 17, 2009 03:12 PM
by Martin

Usually people have enough ability to defend themselves against thoughts that do not do justice to the Soul of Light. They just produce enough mindpower to overcome these kind of thoughts.
Now imagine the opposite and look at the above shot in New York and ask yourself this question: Are these my fellow humans? How do I free them from such evilness? How can I as a human being solve their karma? Is that possible? Is this the suffering Buddha speaks off?
They won't listen to reason, love, light and not even violence...and MORE than half of todays Humanity is like them! Too afraid to loose their way of life, their kids, their money, their dreams...and all this is based on lies: you can't take anything with you when you DIE!
The all powerfull Buddha's and the famous Mahatma's can help them only a tiny little bit, these people are the inhabitants of Avitchi or Naraka: a world without true Light or true Warmth. They die and get reborn here again and again and only now and then a few make it to the other side by plain suffering.
Yes Brothers and Sisters of Theosophy: you are preaching Brotherhood in Hell, in Avitchi, an impossible job and only fruitfull for those who have achieved some knowledge so they can find a way out of here and leave the rest to be played with by the forces behind this evil world, the so called Dhyan Chohans.
Heavenly Beings yes, but at what cost? Heavenly but not sacred to my definition of it, and respect? 
I dare these forces, come visit me and face some real lessons.....I may even tell you how to build a planet with life, love and learning, but you don't listen to a human...well you will face the God in me then....


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