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A violinist in the Metro part 2

Jan 17, 2009 02:34 AM
by Martin

Now my own story...

Years ago I took my guitar and a battery driven small keyboard and started to play down the hall of a metro station in Amsterdam.
The music I played was straight from the heart and within the limits of the battery life I collected more than 300 Dutch guilders ( approx. 15 minutes ), which was equal to about 100 dollar.
People came by and listened, were struck by my originality and sometimes even applauded.
But in the corner was another musician, playing his guitar and not getting any attention.
My batteries were flat and I walked up the guy in the corner and told him I was about to get new ones and if he could look after my guitar and keyboard. I promised him half the turnover if he would do so and I gave him half of what was in the hat as a prepayment, and left the rest on the floor.
I took my car and half an hour later I returned, The guitar, the keboard, the rest of the money and the guy in the corner were gone; only my hat was left in another corner.
I realised I had teased the guy too much and forgave him the theft, put my hat on my head and sat down in full lotus for half an hour contemplating what I had achieved with my nose facing the corner.
The answer came fast: to master a donkey, thou shall be one and mule among stones and loafes of bread...

N..erhm, Marada ( Martin )


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