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Ratzinger attacked by Jesuits

Jan 16, 2009 07:48 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer


there is some news about Ratzinger or Pope Benedict.
Chief Rabbi of Venice Elia Enrico Richetti as a spokesmen of all Rabbis in
Italy attacks Pope Benedict in the Jesuit magazine Popoli (Popular) 
according to German newspapers.
He claims that Christianity has no respects fro Jewry.

Further the Rabbis are bothered by the scheduled beatification of Pope Pius
XII. He is made a confidant of the Holocaust.
Bear in mind, that catholic priests (as well as protestant Reverends) had
daily access and come and go in the concentration camps and access to all
camp facilities.
No priest as also the agents of the International Red Cross with their
unannounced inspections reported until 1945 something of the kind which was
claimed later on.
The jewish Jesuits (as Bruno Bauer had it, a term which Karl Marx took over)
claim that Pius had knowledge of the holocaust, but kept silence.

The second reason is that Ratzinger changed the Good Friday Prayer in which
now in the old style for conversion of the faithless Jews is prayed.

While the last from my humble theosophical point of view is understandable -
keeping in mind HPB's assertion, that the origin of Christianity is not
Jewry, which has no history of its own - the first is quite not.
On the other hand my government does not allow me to have own thoughts on
the holocaust or to read independent research on it, either Jewish or non
Jewish. Holocaust protestants are being persecuted by the Jesuits and
arrested for five years, even their lawyers, in case you find a lawyer who
is stupid enough to sit down besides you in court. So far the Jesuit
magazine is not known for the demand of freedom of speech, freedom of
scientific research or free press - with the only exception when this rights
are teh exclusive monopoly of the Jesuits.


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Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

I have no idea about Ratzinger's views. Sometimes present time scholars omit
the views of those they care not to give credence to. Also some times they
are polemical. A Group such as the Mandaeans have different time-line
evolutions of written materials even though the contents may have been a
secret orally transmitted legacy for centuries before they wrote it on
parchment or whatever. Some scholars are blind to the oral traditions it
Mead in his works alludes that the Mandaeans were B.C. Gnostics which of
course predates the written documents. The same is the case in regards to
Tiahuanaco which they date to A.D. times and it is in contradiction to the
fact that Posnansky and Bellamy and Allen. Posnansky Published using the
accredited Academic Formula of the Paris Convention the measurement of the
obliquity angle of the sun found in the precision of the Temple Angle that
reveals a date of 15, 538 B.C ( the Middle Period of the Tiahuanacan
Culture). I have Posnansky's rare volumes published by the Government of
Bolivia "Tiahuanaco - Cradle of American Man " and also all of Bellamy and
Allen's works on Tiahuanaco they are the only ones who deciphered the Glyphs
carved on Andesite a vary hard element. On the Great Idol of Tiahuanaco,
behind, on the back of the right shoulder is carved a Tyrannasaurus Rex.


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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>
thanks for info about Lady Drower of which I was not aware sofar.

Are you able to say whether Ratzinger is right or wrong when he claims that
no gnostic text can be proofen as pre-Christian which woul dmake the
gnostics a Christian enterprise?


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Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 4:58 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

Some time ago I posted some info about the Ancient Mandaeans who were the
original Gnostic Baptists in the B.C. times having long tradition behind
them. They possess the Book of Yaya (John) who was the Elder Nazar of their
sect. One of the very best Expert Author about the Mandaeans is Lady Ethel
Stefana Drower who, having spent 20 some years in Iraq culturing trust and
friendship with the Mandaeans was allowed to receive their secretly held
Legacy and works
The Book of Yaya
The Secret Book of Adam
The Rba Ginza
The Rite of Baptism
The Litergy and Hymns
And other important transmittals she came to bring to the west an Published.
She also Published a work about the Peacock Throne and the Yezidee.

Also in the B.C era the Ebionites, Nazareans, others are enumerated in
G.R.S. Mead's "Fragments of a Faith Forgotten" and his other work "The
Gnostic Baptizer - Selections from the Mandaean John-Book" 1924, John M.
Watkins, London. This is a very replete presentation and the style of mead
as usual is heavy notes ans sub-notes toassist understanding , it is his
hallmark I so much value in all his works.

A while back I posted links for Several of Mead's important works on the
Gnostics that are free to read and download.

Here is link for Google Books search "Lady Ethel Stefana Drower"


Here is the Google books listing for G.R.S. Mead's Books ( The Gnostic
Baptizer in the 1924 Edition form and contents is not there.) There is one
emended version offered but without the replete Table of Contents of the
1924 edition.


The Rev. F. Lamplugh B. A. (Cantab.) in 1918 Published Gnostictranslation of
the "Untitled Apocalypse" from the Bruce Codex - "The Gnosis of the Light"
it is a complex work with a very replete Heirarchy of levels. And it
contains the Triple Name Form of Jesus.



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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>
I have the said Bunsen book (and all what he wrote) on long to-do-list.
Someday will go to our national archives and make digital photos of it.
If I'll find new significant information Blavatsky students must know, I'll
keep this list informed.

I like the gnostics, too. As the gnostics were the pupils of buddhist
missionaries in Greece, who in turn inspired neo-platonism, they played an
important role for the enlightenment o peling-pa. No wonder HPB chosed the
greek term theosophy as she implies with this decision that she wanted to
take it up. Considering the hear-say is hardly to believe that the decision
for the word theosophy was just a chance by consulting a lexicon.

Yes, there are many things to find in gnosticism which match our
theosophical teachings.
In Codex II of Nag Hammadi there is to be find the Book of Thomas. It
contains secret doctrines for the Perfected Ones.

Yet, gnosticism should also be seen in light to the important findings of
Prof. Christian Lindtner, who gives ultimate and utter linguistic, geometric
and phonetic proofs that the four gospels of the NT are a translation of
Sanskrit texts of the Buddha. Lindtner matches HPB and GdeP on this,
although they speak not so unveiled as Lindtner does. But once you know, you
can easily see that both HPB and GdeP new it well.

>From the point of view of a Blavatsky student who is now in danger to fell
into depression considering the troublesome outer and theosophical
conditions, Lindtner's research (also that of Bruno Baumann about
Shambala-Shang Shun, etc.) is a sign of hope: The occult machinations have
not stopped, despite the stupidness or organized theosophy and the Masters
plan for building a new temple of knowledge has not abandoned and karma
finds a way to make known what must go out. Truth needs no ostrich
theosophists. But theosophist need truth. The usual hostility against free
speech, research and knowledge in many theosophical circles will not stop
the truth, although the ignorants may be happy with their habits, which
accroding to their superstition prevents them from bad karma. No brain, no

What I need to find out is a proof of the first existence of gnostic texts.
Ratzinger in his stupid Jesus book claims that no proof extsis that
gnosticism is pre-Christian.
Perhaps you have more.


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Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

Thanks, I printed it out so I have a reference. The Pistis Sophia was only
one of four parts of a tetrad of works that were sister parts, Another was
later published in the absolutely wonderful "Nag Hammadhi Library" viz "The
Book of the Great Invisible Spirit", Emile Amelineau according to G. R .S.
Mead published the other on French but to my knowledge they have never been
translated into an English Publishment. I feel that though these works are
arcane to most readers the Gnostic Literature contained Non-Dual Teaching
within it's skin as I read it, I always found a wonderful reiteration of
Blavatskys Teaching seen within the corpus.

The "Unity" of Religion's has basis in my personal viewpoint due to that
fact that all the "Senior Principles" found used as basis for Metaphysic
Reflection constitute " Perrenial Projections of Primary Axiomatic Reality"
that man cannot overturn, deflect, or stop from presenting through the ages
of time. Comparative study reiterates in various cultures.


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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>

for the record:

Bunsen, Ernst von : Die Einheit der Religionen im Zusammenhange mit den
Voelkerwanderungen der Urzeit und der Geheimlehre, Berlin 1870, 2 vols.
(The Unity of the Religions in connection with the migrations of the peoples
in ancient times and the secret doctrine).

And me thought that theosophy has a better standing in USA as in Germany.
Here the situation with acedemics and other eggheads is very exasperating.
They have always the talent to come to wrong, shortsighted conclusions in 9
out of 10 cases!

I think when I would have such people around me the whole day, I would soon
suffer a heart attack.

But to be fair, I observe a little increase in academic interest on
theosophy. More and more student's home works on it and thanks to the many
American online texts (i guess) they are gettting more and more small about
the Coloumb conspiracy and the fraud cryings are silenced in the lastest
academic publications, the withdrawal of the SPR is mentioned.


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Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

Interesting comments. Bunsen is referenced by G. R. S. Mead in his works but
trying to find his works here in the USA isn't very productive. Now perhaps
you give a reason why. The bias about any Academic who had contacts with HPB
That made them radioactive.


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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>
thank you for that important information on Bunsen.
Image, although since many years I try to absorb all lost information esp.
to theosophical history in Germany (which was more important in quantity and
quality than many believe), I came across the Bunsen 1870 Berlin book on the
secret doctrine only recently.

IF Bunsen had direct connentions with Blavatsky then he could be the reason
for her Berlin visit around 1860 (I am writing from memory).
That would explain why she mentions Bunsen and other titles from him, but
not this important book.

It seems to have been HPB's custom to paraphrase from important occult
books, but not to give the exactly source.

For example she gives the higher mahayana teachings and speaks of the
doctrines of the good law, but she does not explicitly say that she means
the Lotus Sutra.
Or she helds Nostradamus in high regards, but deals next to nothing with
this important person, at least in her public books.

Perhaps a situation for Blavatsky students (including myself) to think over
the Coleman critic on HPB's quotation habits.

Bulwer-Lytton was according to one Mahatma letter involved in a
pre-Blavatskian try to launch an occult group. The novels seems to be rather
a try to blaze the trail as they later in 1877 also did with Isis Unveiled.

We also know that Saint Germain was at this time often in Berlin at the tea
hosue of king Frederick (in Potsdam, to be exactly, a suburb of Berlin).


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