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Fake Al Qaeda

Jan 16, 2009 03:46 PM
by Martin

"Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". A
very common and widespread use of the word "Al-Qaeda" in different Arab
countries in the public language is for the toilet bowl. This name
comes from the Arabic verb "Qa'ada" which mean "to sit", pertinently,
on the "Toilet Bowl". In most Arabs homes there are two kinds of
toilets: "Al-Qaeda" also called the "Hamam Franji" or foreign toilet,
and "Hamam Arabi" or "Arab toilet" which is a hole in the ground. Lest
we forget it, the potty used by small children is called "Ma Qa'adia"
or "Little Qaeda".
So, if you were forming a terrorist group, would you call yourself, "The Toilet"?
Members TS is colloquial for members of the theosophical society, widely used by fellow members. Theos means God and Sophia means wisdom.In this world we have 2 main words for the theosophical society. The Theosophical Society International, a foreign one and the Theosophical Society Adyar which is in India.Lest we forget it there are some minor theosophical societies used by other members but are to little to mention.
So, if you were forming a Brotherhood of Men inspired by the ONE Nature, focussing purely on Brotherhood without ANY discrimination but right Judgement; no seperateness or dogma's leading to prejudice or doubting Nature; would you call yourself Theosophists?It is the gods of vanity, corruption, hatred, attachement etc. who rule the world at the moment, they think, and I ask you all: the cloth of Death has no pockets, why fight for things, knowledge, respect etc. if you can't take it with you?It is experience that you take with you, nothing more, nothing less...experience which leads to more experience till your being is full to the max...then it is time to flush it and go to the next level of existance...


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