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Jan 16, 2009 07:28 AM
by MKR

I am very glad to see Erica's detailed message clarifying the facts. She
needs to be congratulated for taking the time to enlighten us of the facts.

If there is anything erroneous in what she has stated, let us hear from any
of the GC members who were present at the meeting. I highly suspect at least
some of them are lurking here and keep track of what is going on here.

It is obvious that the International Secretary did his job openly and
honestly, which is expected of every theosophist. He needs to be
congratulated. If he did not do his job, do you think the GC members would
have kept quiet in the meeting? They would have demanded his dismissal.

At a time when world-wide membership is going south, Hellenic Section should
be congratulated in their success in improving the membership and I would
like to see similar results in all sections. Theosophy is not for a select
few; it is for all.

It is also very interesting to note the comment in the GC meeting about
Internet and the amendment. It is appropriate to discuss the role of
Internet in today's world. But for Internet, we would not be as well
informed as we are today and we would not have this conversation.

Too long, the GC members kept their actions and decisions in the meetings
and behind the scene activities top secret and general membership were kept
blissfully ignorant of what was going on.

All of us have witnessed the events that took place last year starting with
the nominations, electioneering, whining about the election & its results
and finally the highly secret effort to disenfranchise all of us and a few
GC members speedily seize control of the election of the president. The last
issue broke the camel's back.

Members can decide if this is how brothers and sisters expect to treat each
other, especially the leaders, while professing our allegiance to the motto
of the TS â There is No Religion Higher Than Truth.

Also, just visualize what would be the condition of TS today if Internet
were not there and we did not know about the secret plan to disenfranchise
all of us and seize control of the election of the president.

Internet is today's medium of communication and no one has control over what
goes on there. Internet is going to shine bright light on the activities,
which in pre-Internet days would have been hidden from the public. But for
Internet the Dugpas and Shammars will have a greater field day.

TS is not a secret society. Theosophical activities are not secret
activities including what goes on inside the GC. Hence full transparency can
only help in every one. Internet can be a very effective ally. It was
demonstrated in the election of Obama in the USA. He is planning to keep in
touch with the masses bypassing the intermediary leaders. TS can learn a
lesson from this. Earlier the leaders understand the use and effectiveness
of Internet applications and take full advantage of it, better it is for TS
and theosophy.

Let us keep tuned.



On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 3:59 AM, Erica Letzerich <>wrote:

> Dear friends,
> The post of BB says the following about Greece:
> "Irregularities continued with the vice-presidential postal ballots in
> that after the voting deadline, General Council members were
> scrutinized with an eye to disqualifying various voters, such as those
> from Colombia and South Africa (South Africa being later reinstated),
> and then the approval of Greece post facto as eligible to vote. All of
> this juggling resulted in a three-week delay between the voting
> deadline and the declaration of results. This does not follow the
> accepted procedure for voting."
>  I am tired of such insinuations, which are untruth, unfair and I could say
> cruel I am posting all the facts regarding the vote of the Hellenic Section
> for  VP.:
> On 29 of October of 2008 Mr. Keith Fisher announced the result of the VP
> election adding that the voting rights of Greece, South Africa, and Colombia
> were suspended , due to the low number of members and lodges.
> On the same day 29 of October of 2008 I've sent to Mr Keith Fisher the
> following letter:
> From:Theosophical Society | Hellas []
> Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 2:53 PM
> To: 'Secretary'
> Subject: RE: VP Election Result
> Dear Mr. Fisher,
> With all due respect, the Theosophical
> Society in Greece sent on the month of June, around 40 new applications for
> membership. ItÂs clear from the new applications we sent, that the T.S. in
> Greece has no longer only 55 members. Why our General SecretaryÂs vote was
> not
> counted?
> Thank you for the attention and our best
> wishes,
> Erica L. Georgiades
> Secretary of the T.S. in Greece
> Here is the reply of Mr Ketih Fisher to my e-mail:
> From:Secretary []
> Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 11:05 AM
> To: 'Theosophical Society | Hellas'
> Subject: RE: VP Election Result
> Dear Erica
> Thank you for your email.
> For some reason your new applications and
> request for new lodge charters had been placed in a pending file.  I had
> no knowledge of these until today.
> I will take the matter up with the
> President this afternoon.  You certainly seem to qualify on the number of
> members.
> I will get back to you as soon as I have
> more information.
> Best wishes
> Keith
> On 30 of October of 2009Susan
> Kaschula General
> Secretary of South Africa,The
> Theosophical Society in Southern Africa sent a letter to the International
> Secretary of the T.S. Mr Keith Fisher with a copy  for every Section of the
> T.S. around the world.  Mrs Susan Kashula informed that South Africa had 6
> Lodges (one dormant), and one new lodge which was chartered in the beginning
> of the year 2008. She said South Africa had the right to vote with the above
> number of Lodges. Mrs Susan Kashula accused Adyar of Manipulation  on the
> voting procedure for VP and concluded he letter saying that with the vote of
> the South Africa Section, Linda Oliveira had not the majority of the votes,
> consequently could not be elected as the new Vice President. What amazes me
> was that in her letter she did not considered the other Sections whose vote
> had been suspended, claiming again in a second e-mail she send to all
> Sections that  with the vote of South Africa Linda could not be elected VP.
> The International Secretary Mr Keith Fisher sent the Amendement Voting for
> VP on  Wednesday, November 05, 2008 6:38 AM,  in which between other things
> he mentioned the two objections about the VP election result (from Greece
> and South Africa). He informed that the previous International Secretary had
> left on a pending file, both the applications for the new lodges and members
> of Greece, and there was not registered any official entry about a new Lodge
> on South Africa, but he found correspondence  about it. He sent his
> apologies for both Sections and counted the vote of both Section.
> As you all see there was no post factvote, exept in the minds who are not
> happy with the result. Certainly if the vote of the Hellenic Section would
> have been to Dr. Algeo there would be not such accusation.
> BB also mentions censorship, but she fails to mention her complain during
> the meeting of the GC about Pedro Oliveira bringing to the knowledge of the
> members the amendement proposal.
> The Charter of the Greek Section was issued in 1926 and signed by Dr. Annie
> Besant and the T.S. in Greece has remained as a Section since then. The
> Greek Section today has 210 members, 8 founded lodges, one new lodge waiting
> for the charter and one study group. Now what kind of theosophical leaders
> are those who instead to congratulate a Section which  is growing stronger,
> they attack it as they did in the meeting of the GC and again in Mrs BB
> letter.
> All this political games are really making me sick. What some leaders are
> doing is outrageous. I wonder if they do not plan to end such hostile
> attitude.
> Erica L. Georgiades
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