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Re: Cyclic Model vs. Big Bang

Jan 12, 2009 04:37 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:34 am ((PST)) "rybo6" os_jbug  
> On Dec 17, 2008, at 1:41 AM, Leon Maurer wrote:
>>   This would imply that cosmic consciousness, as an aspect of the
>> unconditioned Aether, would use its awakened will to impel the new
>> emanation, fractal involution, and ultimate big bang, inflation,
>> and evolution on the lowest order physical/material level of
>> overall spacetime.
> Leon, cosmic consciousness is mapped onto the gravitational
> spacetimes, 5-fold Icosahedron and its derivatives ergo the 31
> primary Great Circle-like Polygonal Geodesics( GrCPG's ) and because
> the   5-fold Icosahedron contains the 4-fold Cubo-octahedron's
> pattern/map ergo the 4-fold's 25 primary GrCPG's.
> Our physical reality is the overlapping interference of the 5-fold in
> 4-fold and 5-fold derivative patterns.
> Reality also brings into focus the left or right skewing of the 5-
> fold ergo we have 31 left skew GrCP's and 31 right-skew GrCPG's.
> The geodesics are 3D flatten tetrahedral tubulars with an associated
> central axis.  imho

LM:  So, where does consciousness come from in that derivative view  
of the surface geometry of a sphere?  None of that even gives us the  
faintest idea of the actual origin and genesis of the physical space- 
time continuum.  Interesting structural geometries, to be sure... But  
a waste of time for finding any correlation with cosmogenesis or  
consciousness, imho.  To think so, is to live in a dream world where  
nothing that occurs need an explanation which makes logical sense.

The basis of actual radiant field spatial reality is a fractal  
involved hyperspherical (toroidal) geometry, originating from the  
spin momentum of the conscious zero-point of absolute space -- that  
has no inherent geometry except the abstract motion of infinite  
cyclic spins... All of which are located in the same place -- and  
together, containing infinite holographic information of previous  
existences of many worlds (galaxies, star systems, organic life  
forms, etc.) eventually spread out everywhere in metric physical/ 
material spacetime -- all within a surrounding and interpenetrating  
hyperspacetime (and fractal involving down to the smallest ZPE fields  
in the false vacuum).  See how this fundamental pre cosmic spin might  
look -- if you can twist your imagination down into the Aether level  
(where the localized G-force spinergy manifests as ZPE at less than  
1.6 x 10^-35 cm and near infinite mass):

According to this model, the initial spherically inscribed internal  
geometry is an octahedron (3 axes, six directions, eight sides, 12  
edges) that can divide and multiply fractally into infinite  
octahedrons in units of six (hex-octahedrons) -- which in turn can be  
reduced to cubic lattices within each fractal octahedron shape (with  
8 tetrahedral voids per hex-octahedron unit).  The overall  
octahedrons can then be each further projected into surrounding  
icosahedrons and dodecahedrons to completely fill the spherical  
surrounding space.  For a look at how it all began, see:  

Incidentally, some years ago (around 1975) I built a complete model  
of this projective geometry (out of toothpicks) -- starting from a  
cube inside an octahedron, inside an icosahedron out to an  
dodecahedron inside a geodesic sphere.-- with a total diameter of  
about 12 inches.  Unfortunately, it got crushed a couple of years  
later by my dog who mistook it for a ball;-( after I showed it to B.  
Fuller -- who was an adjunct prof at NYIT -- where I was consulting  
in the CG Lab coordinating CGI SFX, motion capture, and 3D animation  
developments -- while also teaching a motion picture special effects  
course in the communication arts grad school. (Too bad I didn't get a  
picture of it next to a photo he showed me of the one he had made.)
>>   The driving force of all such "creative evolution" being the will
>> of consciousness empowered by desire to experience and learn.
> Free-will is an illusion.

LM: How can it be, when it is a function of the absolute space that  
is at the center of every hyperspace and metric spacetime field --  
and everyone can make choices of action based solely on their  
conscious intention?  No matter that such actions are dependent on  
the laws of  nature. For example, one cannot will themselves to rise  
against the force of gravity, or see through a brick wall.

What's free is the intention to act or not act (when permitted by  
natural laws).  And, at the primal beginning, why wouldn't the cosmic  
consciousness be totally in control of its will to observe the great  
show opening around it? ... While knowing full well that its laws  
were immutable, and that after everything is reconstructed back to  
what and where it was -- whatever will be will be, and evolution will  
proceed as usual (dependent on local conditions)...  And, also  
knowing that because of the unpredictability of individual  
consciousness, an entirely different new day of its experience and  
learning will occur over the next zillions of our years.  (If I were  
that cosmic awareness, that's just the way I would like it to be...  
What a great adventure. :-)

That is why the future cannot be predicted, and when we try to see  
down to the Planck space between the particles, everything becomes  
indeterminate... And also why, on the classical level, the future  
condition of any particular atom and molecule (or conscious living  
being as well as their groups) cannot be predicted.  Thus, due to  
separated individual consciousness and free will, the future is  
neither predetermined nor predictable.  This is also obvious when we  
examine the differences in the physical bodies of each human being --  
although the general model is pretty much the same over a very broad  
range (discounting all the different possibilities of outright  
genetic failures).
>> What better way than for the cosmic consciousness to split itself
>> up into infinite varieties of multiple levels of sentient beings --
>> from cellular biota to humans (made up of cellular bioya:), and
>> perhaps even through other higher order angels and god-like or
>> devilish beings living and experiencing in hyperspace (along,
>> perhaps, with our spiritually awakened dead friends and family
>> waiting for rebirth.) ;-).
> Ultra-micro gravitational spacetime is celluar ergo we have cells of
> macro-biologicals.

LM: Only because you are talking about the fourth lowest frequency  
phase order physical spacetime, where every particle standing wave  
starts out from a particular spin momentum ZPE source.  At the ultra  
micro level (0°K), however, there is no linear motion, spacetime  
doesn't exist, the absolute space, along with the aether, along with  
all its primary higher order hyperspace fields, act as a BEC, and are  
perfectly symmetrical -- with the speed of light stepping up from c  
to c^8 and approaching infinity in the primary human spiritual field  
(i.e., its outer sphere analogous to the all surrounding cosmic  
spiritual field at the 1st logos)  See:
Compare to illustration of "cosmogenesis" at:

Since the human consciousness is at the center of the initial highest  
order triune field (monad), and since absolute space is  
indestructible, it would remain totally functional (awareness, will,  
qualia, etc,) for as long as the surrounding cosmic gravitational  
field exists.  Thus, after all the lowest order physical body and  
cells die, the individual center of consciousness and its monad  
(soul) remains intact -- until it is forced by its karma to enter  
into a new body at conception... Unless, as the Buddha pointed out,  
the conscious soul, if previously enlightened (its karma transcended)  
chooses to remain in the Nirvana state until the next cosmic cycle of  
manifestation.  The existence of the soul in this pre physical,  
bodiless state, would not be much different than the dream state we  
all experience when our body goes to sleep.... Except, I presume, it  
could be much more real (but we can't wake up to avoid any monster  
demons we have created.;-)

Naturally, all of that is deductive speculation, but it rests firmly  
on the ABC model -- which itself, not only rests on unconditioned and  
inert absolute space, but also could be the basis of all the recent  
new physics such as as String, Membrane, Loop Quantum Gravity,  
Quantum Graphity, Quantum Einstein Gravity, Holographic Paradigm,  
etc., as well as the new paradigm of physics to come (when they are  
all finally consolidated into a fundamental unified field theory of  

Right now its all still a mathematical game, in which no one holds  
the key to the mystery.   But, I'm certain that once they all realize  
the fundamental nature of the ubiquitous absolute space and its  
inherent infinite cyclic angular momentum, along with its built in  
holographic fractal nature -- they will come to a mutual agreement  
about how this entire cosmos periodically comes in and out of  
existence -- with each birth of the lowest order physical universe  
(as it comes out of the womb of hyperspace) appearing as the result  
of a "big bang." ;-))

Best Wishes,
Leon Maurer  (if all 7 illustrations do not  
appear, click on "include review" button in left column)
> Rybo

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