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Re: Theos-World Re: Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

Jan 10, 2009 04:55 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Paul wrote:
Following up both your posts at once, I can report on Bunsen as an in-
print author, which just recently became in America thanks to
Kessinger. His Islam: or True Christianity is a fairly brief tome
which interestingly argues that the Quran is more accurate than the
New Testament in its theological interpretation of Jesus. This was a
very late work, full of Bible scholarship but filled with references
to "soul power" to convince me that he's Chevalier Louis. Best thing
about it was an astouding, intense prophetic diatribe at the end
where he insists that there will be a Jewish state in Palestine.
This written in 1880, a passionate German/English supporter of
Zionists, something I didn't anticipate finding. (Or maybe an
accurate vision of the future? hmmm)

That is interesting, but not much surprizing as the Palestine clubs were 
active long ago.
One zionist congress was around 1850 in Prague (writing from memory), where 
the first version of the "Protocols" were spread.
There were some other congresses prior to Herzl's 1897 event.
Strange enough that it is indisputably that a congress was held in 1897 and 
that is was divided in an exoteric and an esoteric part (as Herzl admits 
himself in his published diaries), until today the minutes have not been 
published (if you consider the published Protocols as a fake).

In London there existed also a Palestine club, led by a Sir Walter Besant:

I asked Radha over the slip of paper qestion box during her 2002 stay in 
Berlin on the zionist question and Besant's co-masonry, but she did not like 
the after, instead of it exclaimed that a questioner like me in Annie's time 
would have been kicked out!

So the 21th century motto of a theosophist in good standing should be:
Ask no questions - and you get no lies.
Spirit is evil.
No brain, no pain.



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