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Re: Theos-World Emma's reliability

Jan 10, 2009 04:46 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Paul

My views are:

When people run out of honest and reliable arguments the run away from the debate.
I am only trying to get to the bottom of the matter and nothing else. The TRUTH.
The theosophical motto is: There is no Religion Higher than Truth.

Paul wrote:
"Ghost Land and Art Magic precede Isis Unveiled which echoes those two 
books to a remarkable degree. "

My answer:
It is exactly here were we differ in views. The word I disagree with is "echoes".
H. P. Blavatsky book was and is on a different level and was written to counter the Christian-related Spiritist movements right from the beginning. That is the difference in angle. So the only "echo" I hear is a nasty view coming from you. - Already in 1875 Blavatsky knew about  the Spiritists false views on ghosts and departed ones versus the truth - called elementaries.

Try to read the Publishers Preface and The Collected Writings where it becomes clear that H. P. Blavatsky introduces the teachings on Reincarnation and Karma in Isis Unveiled despite what is being said. Even so this doctrine is clearly written about elsewhere in Isis Unveiled.

You seem to run under the illusion, that H. P. Blavatsky was lying to A. P. Sinnett when saying that she was in India in 1856. She was travelling as a male and not as a woman. (P. 151)

Yes. I am sorry to say that I had to identify myself during, that shameful exposure of the mediums Holmes with the Spiritualists. I had to save the situation, for I was sent from Paris on purpose to America to prove the phenomena and their reality and-show the fallacy of the Spiritualistic theories of "Spirits." But how could I do it best? I did not want people at large to know that I could produce the same thing at will. I had received ORDERS to the contrary, and yet, I had to keep alive the reality, the genuineness and possibility of such phenomena in the hearts of those who from Materialists had turned Spiritualists and now, owing to the exposure of several mediums fell back again, returned to their skepticism. This is why, selecting a few of the faithful, I went to the Holmeses and helped by M . . . and his power, brought out the face of John King and Katie King in the astral light, produced the phenomena of materialization and-allowed the Spiritualists at large to believe it was done thro' the mediumship of Mrs. Holmes. She was terribly frightened herself, for she knew that this once the apparition was real. Did I do wrong? The world is not prepared yet to understand the philosophy of Occult Sciences-let them assure themselves first of all that there are beings in an invisible world, whether "Spirits" of the dead or Elementals; and that there are hidden powers in man, which are capable of making a God of him on earth. 
When I am dead and gone people will, perhaps, appreciate my disinterested motives. I have pledged my word to help people on to Truth while living and-will keep my word. Let them abuse and revile me. Let some call me a MEDIUM and a Spiritualist, and others an impostor. The day will come when posterity will learn to know me better.
Oh poor, foolish, credulous, wicked world!
M . . . brings orders to form a Society - a secret Society like the Rosicrucian Lodge. He promises to help.

And here on the formation of the TS - on HPB's request - with her being the centre of the meeting -

"A great deal of misunderstanding on the subject of H.P.B.'s relation to modern Spiritualism arises from the fact that H.P.B. herself, as well as some of the students of her writings, use the word "Spiritualism" in more than one meaning."

So I can therefore not agree with your views on this matter Paul.
But I find your interest in the matter thoughtful.

M. Sufilight

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  From: kpauljohnson 
  Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:03 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Emma's reliability

  > Paul wrote:
  > "I think Emma was more reliable than HPB on 
  > the issue of the adepts who inspired the original 1875 TS. "
  > My answer:
  > And we say, that you are very much in error my dear friend. 

  > Will you telle me why you find Emma more reliable than HPB?

  Ghost Land and Art Magic precede Isis Unveiled which echoes those two 
  books to a remarkable degree. Afterwards, HPB goes off in new 
  directions while Emma stays within the original doctrinal boundaries 
  of those two books. If you want the truest picture of an era, go to 
  sources written during that era rather than those written long 
  afterwards. I didn't say that Emma was more reliable about anything 
  other than the Masters behind the *original* TS, and all it takes is 
  reading Ghost Land to give you a basis for judging that for yourself. 

  As for the rest of your post, I just resubscribed briefly to share 
  some information about subjects that had arisen, but don't wish to 
  argue and will be unsubscribing momentarily. Thanks to Christina for 
  digging up the relevant information for people to follow up some of 
  these connections.



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