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Emma's reliability

Jan 10, 2009 04:03 PM
by kpauljohnson

> Paul wrote:
> "I think Emma was more reliable than HPB on 
> the issue of the adepts who inspired the original 1875 TS. "
> My answer:
> And we say, that you are very much in error my dear friend. 

> Will you telle me why you find Emma more reliable than HPB?

Ghost Land and Art Magic precede Isis Unveiled which echoes those two 
books to a remarkable degree.  Afterwards, HPB goes off in new 
directions while Emma stays within the original doctrinal boundaries 
of those two books.  If you want the truest picture of an era, go to 
sources written during that era rather than those written long 
afterwards.  I didn't say that Emma was more reliable about anything 
other than the Masters behind the *original* TS, and all it takes is 
reading Ghost Land to give you a basis for judging that for yourself. 

As for the rest of your post, I just resubscribed briefly to share 
some information about subjects that had arisen, but don't wish to 
argue and will be unsubscribing momentarily.  Thanks to Christina for 
digging up the relevant information for people to follow up some of 
these connections.


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