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TS - Print Media, Internet and Changes that should help

Jan 10, 2009 01:05 PM
by MKR

Many organizations are moving from paper to on-line retrieval. This includes
publications and other business documents such as bank statements. The
members and clients are given the choice, either to receive hard copy or get
it on-line. This is a very effective option both for the organization and
the recipients of information.

TS has been very very slow to effectively use Internet tools. I suspect that
much of this may be the result of septuagenarians and octogenarians acting
as scholarly and wise advisors, perhaps staying in the background and
influencing the organizational policies, are totally out of touch with what
is going on in the current cyberspace and how the current society is using
it as a tool for information broadcast and distribution.

Take for example, this maillist, (privately setup by Eldon Tucker) with
practically no moderation, has been around for more than a decade with
world-wide participation.

TSA a decade ago tried to start a moderated/censored maillist in which none
of the leaders participated. It died a quick natural death and is now

Censorship and Internet does not mix well. Organizational leadership
generally used to control the information distribution medium are unable to
understand today's Internet where censorship or control does not work.

Looks like this would not change quick enough until younger generation takes
up the leadership.

Let us hope and pray that we can look for some positive developments in


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