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TSA cutting back on Quest issues

Jan 10, 2009 07:35 AM
by MKR

There is an announcement that Quest Magazine will be published 4 times a
year instead of 6 times now. This is apparently due to financial reasons. So
less print material is going to go out to readers.

Printing and publishing industry is going thru a period of drastic change.

Print readership is going down and on-line going up.

Some newspapers have abandoned print versions or reduced the number of print

On-line publishing is on the rise.

On-demand printing or reproduction is on the horizon and seems to be
catching up.

Coupled with the above, there is the question of reprinting out-of-print
theosophical classics/important works, as pointed out by another member.

>From a common man's point of view, here are some thoughts for consideration:

1. Make all available theosophical material on-line.
2. Try to use Internet tools to distribute theosophical materials. Both to
members and public.
3. Explore the possibility of on-demand printing of publications to meet the
demands of those who want a print edition.
4. Review the whole publishing wing of TS to determine how to keep up with
the changes.


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