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Re: Theos-World on alleged HPB spy letter

Jan 10, 2009 00:54 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> wrote:

> Which status is needed to get access to the archives, please?

I don't know exactly. Probably one should be a representative of some
scientific organization.

> And what about baksheesh?:-)

It will surely help.

> According to the time tables in Blavatsky Collected Writings vol. I
> she was several times in Austria and Hungary, she could have learnt
> the language at least on a basic level and overact her skills in the 

I asked the Hungarian theosophists, and they deny any her long sojourn
in Hungary.
In the letter Pest is mentioned (Buda & Pest later made Budapest), but
from the Russian text is obvious that the author didn't know the
actual pronounciation of the name of that city, Pesht (Russian writing
is mostly phonetic and imitates pronounciation, though sometimes
wrongly) but follows the written form, Pest. Now every schoolboy in
Russia knows that the hungarian capital is pronounced Budapesht.
The letter mentions fluent, not just basic, knowledge of Hungarian,
while experience shows that most people who know it devoted all their
life to study of Hungarian culture, translations or work like that.
The letter continues: "They (relatives) never did anything for me. I
had to serve them as a domestic medium, them, as well as their
society". But the both statements are untrue. Blavatsky was helped by
her family end even by her abandoned husband; and her relatives, being
christians, weren't much enthusuasting about her mediumship and phenomena.

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