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Re: Theos-World Bulwer-Lytton and Bunsen

Jan 10, 2009 00:36 AM
by Augoeides-222

    Thanks, I printed it out so I have a reference. The Pistis Sophia was only one of four parts of a tetrad of works that were sister parts, Another was later published in the absolutely wonderful "Nag Hammadhi Library" viz "The Book of the Great Invisible Spirit", Emile Amelineau according to G. R .S. Mead published the other on French but to my knowledge they have never been translated into an English Publishment. I feel that though these works are arcane to most readers the Gnostic Literature contained Non-Dual Teaching within it's skin as I read it, I always found a wonderful reiteration of Blavatskys Teaching seen within the corpus.

   The "Unity" of Religion's has basis in my personal viewpoint due to that fact that all the "Senior Principles" found used as basis for Metaphysic Reflection constitute " Perrenial Projections of Primary Axiomatic Reality" that man cannot overturn, deflect, or stop from presenting through the ages of time. Comparative study reiterates in various cultures.


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for the record:

Bunsen, Ernst von : Die Einheit der Religionen im Zusammenhange mit den Voelkerwanderungen der Urzeit und der Geheimlehre, Berlin 1870, 2 vols.
(The Unity of the Religions in connection with the migrations of the peoples in ancient times and the secret doctrine).

And me thought that theosophy has a better standing in USA as in Germany. Here the situation with acedemics and other eggheads is very exasperating.
They have always the talent to come to wrong, shortsighted conclusions in 9 out of 10 cases! 

I think when I would have such people around me the whole day, I would soon suffer a heart attack.

But to be fair, I observe a little increase in academic interest on theosophy. More and more student's home works on it and thanks to the many American online texts (i guess) they are gettting more and more small about the Coloumb conspiracy and the fraud cryings are silenced in the lastest academic publications, the withdrawal of the SPR is mentioned.


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Interesting comments. Bunsen is referenced by G. R. S. Mead in his works but trying to find his works here in the USA isn't very productive. Now perhaps you give a reason why. The bias about any Academic who had contacts with HPB That made them radioactive.


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thank you for that important information on Bunsen.
Image, although since many years I try to absorb all lost information esp. 
to theosophical history in Germany (which was more important in quantity and 
quality than many believe), I came across the Bunsen 1870 Berlin book on the 
secret doctrine only recently.

IF Bunsen had direct connentions with Blavatsky then he could be the reason 
for her Berlin visit around 1860 (I am writing from memory).
That would explain why she mentions Bunsen and other titles from him, but 
not this important book.

It seems to have been HPB's custom to paraphrase from important occult 
books, but not to give the exactly source.

For example she gives the higher mahayana teachings and speaks of the 
doctrines of the good law, but she does not explicitly say that she means 
the Lotus Sutra.
Or she helds Nostradamus in high regards, but deals next to nothing with 
this important person, at least in her public books.

Perhaps a situation for Blavatsky students (including myself) to think over 
the Coleman critic on HPB's quotation habits.

Bulwer-Lytton was according to one Mahatma letter involved in a 
pre-Blavatskian try to launch an occult group. The novels seems to be rather 
a try to blaze the trail as they later in 1877 also did with Isis Unveiled.

We also know that Saint Germain was at this time often in Berlin at the tea 
hosue of king Frederick (in Potsdam, to be exactly, a suburb of Berlin).


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