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Re: Theos-World on alleged HPB spy letter

Jan 09, 2009 10:56 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer


ok, I did misunderstand you with my tired brain as if the letter is not 
there anymore.
Which status is needed to get access to the archives, please?
I know people who trael sometimes to Moscow.
And what about baksheesh?:-)

Im a former reply you wrote:
>"I doubt that the division to the left and right politicians existed in
1872. It seems that it began from the actual distribution of the
political forces in some parlament hall, but I don't remember when and
where it happened."

This division at least in Germany goes back to the 1848 Robert Blum 
revolution and the Frankfurt Paul church, where the first parliament was 
As to France and England I have no knowledge, so this part does not support 
a forgery.

>As to Hungarian language - ask any Hungarian and most probably he will
agree that my arguments are valid.
Of course, all my arguments are mostly indirect but till now no one
could refute them, they can only dismiss them. Besides, there are many
of them and so the probability of the reverse renders too small.

You mean to say that Hungary is a difficult to learn language which was not 
in fashion at HPB's time in Russia and therefore the claim in the spy letter 
that she speaks Hungarian is a sign for forgery?
According to the time tables in Blavatsky Collected Writings vol. I she was 
several times in Austria and Hungary, she could have learnt the language at 
least on a basic level and overact her skills in the letter to get the job. 


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