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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?

Jan 09, 2009 09:11 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Joe,

no, I did not mean that the desire for independence was merely metaphorical.
This can already be seen by HPB's and HSO's move from NY to India to hold the Jesuit attack on India's culture and soul in check.

There is a pamphlet of Joseph Fussell, secretary to Katherine Tingley on Theosophy and politics. It's worth reading, but there's as yet no online version, I guess.

Political work is not the theosophical business, because the first deals with selfish and finite things, while the ancient wisdom deals with unselfish and infinite things.
When an adept counsels a political leader as it is testified with Bismarck or Frederick of Prussia, he has no selfish goals, nor does he induce it to his listener.
HPB's actions in India was not motivated from getting political control, but from compassionate protection for the victims and prevent the Jesuits from destroying too much of her culture.

I read ML 81, but do not understand what do you mean in that connection. Please clarify. Enforcing patriotism in the definition of the great ones is not making politics in the close sense.
As far as I understand the masters want a healthy patriotism in the nations which is culture work and uplifting the own nation to spiritual hights and knowledge of being part of a hierarchy or to be part of a symphony. 
I think this is exactly what Edward Bellamy's nationalist clubs in the USA had in mind, which were run in the main by theosophists, including Katherine Tingley, and Charles Lindbergh or the founding fathers themselves. This idea was also at one time promoted in Germany, but I do not want to go into details now.

Today this idea seems complete forgotten and and the Illuminati world republic, the Marxist world revolution and one world globalism with egalitarianism is promoted as a false flag operation to solve the spiritual world crisis.
Image, what could be done today, if there would exist an international group of patriots and truth seekers HPB dreamed of. Instead of helping the lomesome soldiers of the white side, the theosophical movement lies in coma, mentally and spiritually. Not even a healthy outer organization with trustworthy leaders (hi mkr, how are you?). Seems, not even a Headquarter of the original TS exists today. The TM is still divided because of the astral traveller with his bishop costume. What good work could be done and what evils could be prevented if the theosophists would have one united body, all standing behind a spiritual leader, ready to fight against the forces of ignorance and evil! Time is running out!


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Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?

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I have a question regarding this first paragraph, it sounds like you
are speaking that the desire for independence was metaphorical. 
However, in the Mahatma Letters, there are numerous instances of some
very non-metaphorical statements regarding the British. In perusing
Letter #81 of the ML, there seems to be nothing metaphorical about
what KH is asking Sinnett to do. Is that a metaphor for what? That
looks very much like political operative work. So with evidence of
political work in writing I would ask "so what?" What makes political
work wrong or undesirable?

Regarding the tentative nature of Johnson's statements. That's what I
would expect when someone is suggesting an alternate theory. To state
something as an absolute truth when it may or may not be is unwise. 
Wouldn't you agree? Or is HPB and her teachers to be worshipped as
some kind of tin goddess? The 1900 Letter to Besant is very clear on
that view.

Thanks for your patience.


> >Honestly, and depending on how you look at it, HPB's mission was very
> political, especially in regards to Indian Independence. From the
> viewpoint of Paul Johnson's book "The Masters Revealed", HPB's mission
> in India, and the identity of the Mahatmas, themselves was political
> in the extreme.
> Joe, HPB has had no political agenda except that each nation is kept
> from foreign rule (Marxism) and is allowed to develop its svabhava
to be 
> part of a spiritual republic of free nations. By freedom is meant the 
> freedom of the higher self rather than of the lower self. Therefore she 
> supported as a private person the nationalist clubs in India and USA
(not as 
> TS).
> PJ's theory is possible from outside interpretations in connection
with much 
> phantasy. But he fails to proofs his theory and sticks on words like
> be", "should be", "possibly".
> With the same logic you can also claim that Jesus Christ has had a
> agenda, or the Gautama Buddha, while in reality the messengers of
the white 
> lodge in dealing with political persons have always universal karma
in mind 
> and not one person, one party or one nation only.
> I would like to see the alleged spy letter of Blavatsky. As yet no
> appeared for examination. Is no researcher able to get it from the
> archives?
> Frank


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