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Jan 09, 2009 03:24 PM
by t_s_theosophist


Dear Fellow Theosophists;,

Thanks for the information. I think that those are excellent ideas and a very reasonable request made by our Brother in Texas. I fully agree.   

With regards to increasing membership, I also think that instead of the new TSA Regional Conferences, which are attracting few people after considerable expenses, the TSA should rather return to having national lecturers visiting the TS lodges and study centers to infuse some much needed enthusiasm, as in the past. 

It is also imperative, if the Theosophical ideas and ideals are to be known by the present and the future generations, that the National headquarters turns its attention to maintaining Theosophy alive: teaching Theosophy, providing basic courses on Theosophy, lectures on Theosophy, and promoting the Theosophical books (the classics).  

Everything else is unnecessary and futile, and can be done by a number of other New Age organizations, not necessarily theosophical.  

I think that the Priority One of President of the Theosophical Society in America should be to preserve the legacy which was placed on her hands, and to pay due honor and respect to our Founders and to the teachings that we received through them from the Masters of Wisdom.  

The TSA is departing, more and more, from the traditional Theosophical teachings. The Quest Books catalog is the best example.  

How many classic theosophical books are published annually by TPH-Wheaton?  

Most of the theosophical titles that you find on the catalog are printed in Adyar. The Theosophical Publishing House in Illinois is no longer theosophical, that's more than clear. 

Only the name THEOSOPHICAL remains, but it is merely a modern Body-Mind-Spirit publisher, like any common New Age printing shop or bookstore. 

What would you think, for example, if the Krishnamurti Foundation would no longer have Krishnamurti's books as its main teachings?  Wouldn't this be ridiculous? Yet, this is what happens at the TSA. 

It is a Theosophical Society without Theosophy and without any particular interest on HPB or the classics, just enough to cover up. 

The TSA becomes only theosophical during the Summer conventions, and this is very sad, but I attest to this after living three years at Olcott, in which I was far less exposed to Theosophy than when I was living in Miami attending my local lodge's meetings. 

I was so ashamed of this, that when I used to come to visit my family and the lodges in Miami, I never dared to mention anything to anyone since this was so sad and so awful. All of them were thinking that I was practically in the Master's ashram, so no one was prepared to hear the truth, and I knew that. 

Do you know, for example, that TPH only publishes books that bring in $$$? 

At TPH there is an OP (out-of-print) vertical file cabinet which holds all the contracts of books that will no longer be published because they are not money-makers. 

I felt absolutely ashamed and extremely upset when I found on those drawers books like "The Kingdom of the Gods," by Geoffrey Hodson; "The Perennial Philosophy," by Aldous Huxley, or "When the Sun Moves Northward," by Mabel Collins, among many others. 

The plan is not to publish them ever again because those books are not making money. It means that when the entire stock of books in the warehouse is sold, those titles will simply disappear from the market.    

For me, finding those contracts marked as OPs was not only an insult, but an offense as a long time theosophist, because it revealed an ignorance of the worst kind and a serious lack of responsibility on the part of the "top doers and deciders," including the main person who authorizes it all. 

None of them seem to realize that if TPH is not selling Theosophical books is because the TSA is not doing absolutely anything to promote Theosophy ---I mean real THEOSOPHY. 

Promoting spirituality, New Age ideas, and modern concepts does not mean that the traditional theosophical teachings are reaching anyone out there. 

So the present generation of younger readers don't buy Theosophy because they have no clue of what this is. 

All for now, these are just a few additional ideas I wanted to share with you, and I don't speak based on assumptions but on direct experience. I lived for three years at Olcott, from 2004 to 2007, working at TPH. And I can assure you that the Theosophical Society needs a radical change and transformation to return to its main responsibility, which is to preserve its legacy: THEOSOPHY.   

Don't you think that this should be Priority One for our TSA President, by all means?  

All else will come later as a result ---money included, as well as a much needed increase in membership--- if the work is properly done. 

Eulalia M. Díaz  (Laly) 
Jinarajadasa Lodge
TSA member since 1984 




1. Set aside 10 minutes a day wherever you are,at whatever time or place that is convenient for you. 

2. Take a few minutes to "Center," "Enter The Silence." however best you do it. Going to that place deep within you where Truth abides in Fullness. It is from this center that You Will KNOW The Truth of things. 

3. You may want to visualize the T.S. Seal. Quietly recite to yourself The Invocation To Unity. 

The Invocation To Unity 

O Hidden Life, Vibrant In Every Atom; 
O Hidden Light, Shining In Every Creature; O Hidden Love, Embracing All In Oneness; May Each Who Feels Himself As One With Thee; Know He Is Therefore One With Every Other. 

Ponder these Truths awhile in The Silence. When your time is up... 

4. See a Golden Rose Brilliant Light spreading out and enveloping ALL Theosophists all over the world. KNOW that you have set Powerful Healing Forces to work for the Good. 

5. Resume your normal daily activities. 


It Is Important That Members Should Talk To Each Other, and 
increase The Lateral Communication Among Ourselves. 


Click this link to begin the journey and Dialogue... 

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