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Sir Richard F. Burton is part of this Orphic Brotherhood/TS connection also

Jan 09, 2009 12:20 PM
by kpauljohnson

Here is someone whose involvement Morten should find interesting 
because his Sufi scholarship was so immense and international.  I knew 
that he and his wife were very friendly with HPB but no details of 
meetings. Burton encountered the "Orphic" group as a young man and 
obtained a magic mirror with which to conduct experiments making 
clairvoyant visits with his friends back home while he was abroad.  
Godwin and colleagues unearthed this story in their HB of L 
compilation.  Before he died but after years of working on the HPB 
letters, John Cooper wrote to me that of all my Master nominees in TMR, 
the only one who comes through in the correspondence as majorly 
important was Burton.  No correspondence between him and HPB appeared 
in the first volume so I eagerly await the next.  Other figures in this 
research group were Frederick Hockley, "Zadkiel" Morrison the 
astrologer, and Lord Stanhope.  (With whose wife Bulwer-Lytton had a 
lengthy and well-known affair, according to the bio.)

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