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Radha's inquisition argument

Jan 08, 2009 08:23 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

if this statement of Radha is true (and it sounds like her), then she 
intermixes something.
The inqusition made an index all all books which a catholic must not read 
and they searched the houses and libraries to destroy the books.

Funny thing that this was rather (not Radha) the same custom of Besant and 
Leadbeater with their own critics.
The critical whistleblower magazine THE DAWN in Australia was indexed by 
them and each E.S. member was ORDERED to search for and destroy all issues 
they could reach

The position of a Blavatsky student is quite different from that. He 
welcomes criticism, but does not publish under the name of theosophy 
teachings which are not theosophy. Others may publish them and members of a 
theosophical group may buy and read them if they like them. So everyone who 
likes his books can but a bishop's hat on his/her/its head and read them. 
But selling Leadbeater's books under the name of theosophy is a LIE into the 
face of the reader and not fair to newbie (which 99% of mankind are).

"But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is 
of the Evil One."
- Matthew 5:37

Compare that with de behavior of Gottfried de Purucker. He invited his foe 
Dr. Stokes to join the TS.


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> They cannot choose both mammon and Parabrahm. Certainly not.
> rather CWL-theosophy or Christian-related theosophy with Messiah in
> the flesh, and sexual obscurity etc. etc.

But the idea quoted above is Christian, with that only difference that
it was somewhat plagiarized by changing God for Parabrahm. So it is
christianized theosophy.
One fundamentalist once asked Radha Burnier, why not to prohibit books
by Leadbeater. She replied that Theosophical Society is different from
Holy Inquisition.


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