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On Gaza

Jan 08, 2009 05:59 PM
by Cass Silva

Why do we consider war a solution - has it solved anything in the past - this throwing rocks at each other - or who through the first rock - this killing each other - I am convinced it is because humanity as a whole has been programmed by their ideologies whether it be religion, politics, philosophy, or the various isms.  This programming leads to divisivness and separateness. All wars are generated by those who have a self interest rather than a holistic interest in mankind - 

If we look back over the past 5000 years, as Krishnamurti says, there has only been war and most of these wars, have been in the name of god/religion or different ideologies.  In order to stop Wars we have to deprogram ourselves and say no to killing.  By de-programming we have to recognise the conflict in our own lives,  that we are in fact conflicted by our religions and ideologies because we hold on to them and cling to our specific group  because we believe it provides us with a sense of security (wars prove the opposite).  We are prepared to die or to kill  for our families, our community, our religion, our country.  Don't you think the leaders of these groups know that we can be manipulated into being used for their particular self interest.

The battle in Gaza is between ideologies - between jewish and muslim ideologies - and when both have the eye for an eye mentality the result is the loss of the innocent at the expense of the guilty.  

In the end does it matter who lives where - neither Hamas nor Israel wants to live in peace - if they did Hamas would not have sent missiles into Israel - and Israel would not have retaliated -  does anyone really believe that peace will be the result of this current conflict - revenge will continue until one side wipes out the other - and then another one will come along to take up the fight.

With respect, I find it a little ironic that a religion that promoted a David could kill a golliath has now become the golliath.


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