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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?

Jan 08, 2009 09:11 AM
by Martin

Lets put this one upside down:

"He who wipeth not away the filth with which the parent's body may have
been defiled by an enemy, neither loves the parent nor honours himself.
He who defendeth not the persecuted and the helpless, who giveth not of
his food to the starving nor draweth water from his well for the
thirsty, hath been born too soon in human shape. "

Now read it ( from my own experience) this way:

He who wiped away the filth before he was born from his parent's body and continued to do so after his birth, killing all enemies and keeping the scales in balance. He who defended the persecuted and the helpless, who gave away his life for the benefit of the starving in mind, soul and body; had indeed come to fast into human shape.

Then he was ignored, ridiculed and soon to be fought and only one option was left for him: to destroy the whole planet and order the lipika's to shift the righteous ones to be transported to another world.
However he met a similar human who would set the course of his judgement and so he turned it into justice and gave the planet 427000 and a bit years left to reorganise itself before they would face him again.

He himself stayed the rest of Kali Yuga and turned into an ordinairy sheep ( with a button for complete restoration )...


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