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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?

Jan 08, 2009 08:05 AM
by Martin

Yow Chuck,

which TS...I remember the leader of the TS Pasadena judging me I was sending him abusive emails and that I had too much fantasy as well that he had seen on a little spot somewhere in the layers of my consciousness that there was only a little bit of a wish to do good. For the rest according his words I was a veiled threat to the world...He never apologized for such a prejudice but simply said: "words are dodgy things". Taking that last bit I bet he was talking right out of his wrong body-openings...I have a cure for him, but can't force him to swallow my marshmellows, original recepy.

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?
Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 4:42 PM

            I think he would rather it was put on video and broadcast on Youtube as  that 

is the new public square.  That is always the secret wish of  those who 

believe that X is TRUE and all other views are false, evil and  conducive to bad 

living, to say nothing of being a Jesuit plot.  There is a  reason why we in the 

TS have no holy writ, no creedal statements, no Oath of  Allegiance to 

Blavatsky and the Masters.  It is so that each member can  find that truth inside 



The idea that anyone should be deprived of access to any material, for any  

reason, is anathema to us, for that very reason.  It is not our place to  

control thought, to tell people what is right thinking or worse, right  belief.  We 

have more than enough people outside the TS willing to do that  for us.


Chuck the Heretic



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> So therefore I would keep recommending: Stop selling books  by C. 

W. Leadbeater and his LLC Church.

Why not burn them in public  places, with sufficient notice given to 

those interested to attend? As a  matter of fact, why stop at 

Leadbeater's books? Why not include Besant's,  Arundale's, 

Jinarajadasa' Jinarajadasa' <WBR>s, Sri Ram's, Taimni's and perhap

In view of the statemts included in it, such as the ones below,  

should not "The Secret Doctrine" be also considered as a book whose  

sale may not be allowed to go on?

"The Aryan views of the symbolism  were those of the whole Pagan 

world; the Semite interpretations emanated  from, and were pre-

eminently those of a small tribe, thus marking its  national features 

and the idiosyncratic defects that characterize many of  the Jews to 

this day ? gross realism, selfishness, and sensuality. They  had made 

a bargain, through their father Jacob, with their tribal deity,  self-

exalted above all others, and a covenant that his "seed shall be as  

the dust of the earth"; and that deity could have no better image  

henceforth than that of the symbol of generation, and, as  

representation, a number and numbers." (SD, vol. II, p. 470)

"But  Phallic worship has developed only with the gradual loss of the 

keys to  the inner meaning of religious symbols; and there was a day 

when the  Israelites had beliefs as pure as the Aryans have. But now 

Judaism, built  solely on Phallic worship, has become one of the 

latest creeds in Asia,  and theologically a religion of hate and 

malice toward everyone and  everything outside themselves. Philo 

Judæus shows what was the genuine  Hebrew faith. The sacred Writings, 

he says, prescribe what we ought to do  . . . commanding us to hate 

the heathen and their laws and institutions.  They did hate Baal or 

Bacchus worship publicly, but left its worst  features to be followed 

secretly; and it is with the Talmudic Jews that  the grand symbols of 

nature were the most profaned. With them, as now  shown by the 

discovery of the key to the correct Bible reading ? Geometry,  the 

fifth divine Science ("fifth" ? because it is the fifth key in the  

series of the Seven Keys to the Universal esoteric language and  

symbology) was desecrated, and by them applied to conceal the most  

terrestrial and grossly sexual mysteries, wherein both Deity and  

religion were degraded." (SD, vol. II, p. 471)

On the other hand,  an easier solution would be to allow people the 

freedom to choose what  they want to read and study. Alas, this has 

always been the most difficult  path to follow, particularly for those 

bred and born with the nourishment  of the received truth.


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