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Some thoughts for 2009

Jan 07, 2009 10:05 PM
by MKR

January 7, 2009

Bro. Betty Bland
National President
Theosophical Society in America
Wheaton, IL

Dear Brother Bland:

I am sending herewith a writeup of some of my thoughts for 2009 for the
consideration of yourself and other members of the Board of Directors.

I will be thankful if you can also arrange to distribute it to the members
of the Board of Directors so that the Board may consider it.

Thanking you,

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss


January 7, 2009

To: National President and Board of Directors
      Theosophical Society in America

      Wheaton, IL

Subject: Some thoughts for 2009

Dear Brothers & Sisters:


I am a member of TSA and have not held any National level office or planning
to hold any National level office in the future. We are on to the New Year
2009 and I wish to submit and share some thoughts from the point of view of
an ordinary member. The intent of sharing them with you all is in the hope
that they may help TSA and theosophy and theosophists in the current year.


Last year events surrounding the electioneering and subsequent responses to
the election results, had a deep adverse effect on the trust of many members
in their leaders. Following this, the attempt to disenfranchise the
membership world-wide and seize control of the election of the President
made the situation worse, due to the players involved and the timing of the
attempt and the great secrecy of the attempt.

The disenfranchisement attempt was viewed extremely adversely because,
already the GC members have the sole monopoly in nominating the candidates.
Now some GC members wanted to monopolize the election as well. In addition,
this attempt was made in great secrecy and but for the disclosure on
Internet, it would have been a successful coup. This audacious attempt
resulted in further deep erosion of trust many members had in the elected
leaders. The trust has be rebuilt. And rebuilt soon.


GC addresses issues affecting the TS world-wide and its job is to represent
the interests of the members world-wide. However, the membership is never
informed of the details of the issues discussed and decisions taken, and
reasons thereof. TS is not a secret body. Hence there is no need to keep
members in the dark about what goes on in the GC. Unnecessary secrecy does
not help TS or its members. On the other hand can only cause problems.
Master K.H., in his 1900 letter to Annie Besant commented:


I think this statement is a very important one. I would not want TS or TSA
to be a victim of misleading secrecy. So, it would in the interests of TSA
and TS to take immediate steps to introduce transparency. As a first step,
we can open up TSA Board Meetings to members. Members can attend as
observers and see first hand, how difficult and hard are the issues dealt
with by the Board. Issues like personnel evaluation, legal advise and
litigation can be held in closed sessions like being handled in thousands of
public bodies all over the Country.


Our National President, attended the recent GC meeting at Adyar as our
representative. Membership do not know anything about the issues and
decisions taken. Many are wondering about what happened at the meeting.

Since TS is not a secret body and the GC decisions are not secret, and
informing the membership about the issues discussed, decisions taken and
reasons behind the decisions as well as the players involved will be a
positive step in rebuilding the members' trust in our leaders. Sunshine can
never hurt. So I urge the National President quickly inform the membership
of the meeting proceedings. Speed is of the essence. Delay can only
encourage rumors to go around and can in many cases, create possible

Today Internet is available and can be used to communicate with members, and
most members in the USA have access to Internet. It is easy, quick and
cost-effective and appropriate in today's difficult financial situation.
There are also free e-mail lists such as theos-talk, where information can
be posted. Any dissemination in hard copy, which takes time, can follow.


Leadership keeping frequent communication with members is important and
cannot but help TSA and theosophy. Internet has been available for most of
us since 1996 and the most often used application is e-mail. We all know TS
leaders around the world have been using e-mail to communicate between them.
E-mail can be effectively used by all Board Members including the National
President, to keep in touch with the members. This can only help everyone
and TSA.


One of the facts that was brought to everyone's attention last year was that
the membership has been growing in India, whereas membership outside India
has been going down. For example, in TSA, the membership was 2,637 in 1905
and it went up to 4,145 in 1913. In recent years, it has been hovering
around 4,000 The most recent membership was 3,899. So the situation is

Membership recruitment and retention issue has been on the back burner for
too long and we have not seen much discussion about it. It appears that
there is a correlation between the enthusiasm and activity of the lodges and
the membership growth. This needs to be looked at closely and possible steps
taken to improve membership situation.


While the Lodges are autonomous, in the past decades there were quite a few
visiting lecturers. Even in the Internet age, visits by lecturers (not
necessarily "official lecturers") always had a salutary effect in
rejuvenation of lodge activities. In addition, lecturers are able to get
first hand information about the conditions of the lodge and the needs and
problems faced by the lodge. This information will be very useful in helping
the lodges in their activities and cannot be gathered remotely. I urge this
issue be considered urgently.


Man and Woman live by Hope. Let us all join together and hope that by taking
appropriate steps, 2009 will see a year of growth of lodges and spread of

Thanking you,

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss, San Antonio, Texas


cc: Brothers & Sisters

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