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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?

Jan 05, 2009 12:27 PM
by MKR

Here is another angle.

In today's Internet age, most of us buy our books on-line from sources such
as or e-bay. Also when the current digitation efforts progress,
most of the out of copyright as well as copyright material would be
available for free download or download purchase for a nominal price.

So, soon the issue of any lodge or center or any bookshop carrying a book
will become moot.


On 1/5/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <> wrote:
>   Dear friends and Zaitzev
> My views are:
> So when not selling Alice A. Bailey books, within TS, why sell C. W.
> Leadbeater books?
> M. Sufilight
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> Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Adyar's policy or non-policy?
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> > The questions are: Why emphasize the New Testament, while throwing
> > the Quran or the Zohar and similar at the stake? Indeed, why such
> > an emphasis by Alice A. Bailey?
> Who personally in the T.S. emphasizes her?
> As for Zohar...
> "there must also be one truth which finds expression in all the
> various religions-except in the Jewish, as you do not find it
> expressed even in the Cabala". (Key to theosophy)
> As for Islam, there are too few muslims who would agree to listen the
> theosophical interpretation of Islam. Christians of the last century
> were more open-minded, so the christianized theosophy of Bailey did
> target them. It's not for those who are already theosophists.
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