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Re: Theos-World Happy New Year

Jan 05, 2009 12:21 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Thank you for the news. Happy new year to you also. 
Warm Regards

--- El lun, 5/1/09, Erica Letzerich <> escribió:

De: Erica Letzerich <>
Asunto: Theos-World Happy New Year
Fecha: lunes, 5 enero, 2009 7:01

Dear friends,

Happy new year to all of you. I've returned from Adyar yesterday. I was also present as an observer during the meeting of the GC. The meeting was all day long, first part in the morning was quite tense, the second part (took place after lunch) was less tense. 
Radha directed the meeting of the GC in a wonderful way. No major changes in the International By-laws are taking place, at least now, this is something all of you knew. Anyone who wishes to read the minutes of the meeting, should contact their GS and request a copy of it. I think the minutes will be published in few months from now.

The Blog I've created "Wake-up Say What you Think" will be removed from the net. I am announcing that so if any of you wish to keep a copy of the material there, you will have sometime to do that before I close the blog. 

Radha was present in every lecture of the International Convention. She also made the opening of the Convention, delivered her lecture, was responsible for the answers and questions, which took place during the convention. Her clarity is admirable. THe e-mail posted here questioning if Radha would be present during the meeting of the GC or even during the convention, was very mean and cruel. 

Linda Oliveira is now the VP as all of you know it. During the Convention Linda and Pedro got very sick (tropical fever) and were hospitalized. Actually when I left Adyar, which was Saturday night they were still hopitalized. They could not even to deliver their lectures during the convention. I hope as I write this e-mail they have already returned to Adyar and recovered.

Best wishes,


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