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Re: Theos-World Jesus, Annunaki, Jahwe

Jan 04, 2009 10:12 AM
by Martin

Thanks Morten (Martin, lol),

There was no problem, but since i read so much crap about the several Jesusses, I thought I'd post a link to the babylonian version of the Jesus story. To me it seems every time the world turns into chaos, an avatar from Vishnu is sent to restore Harmony.

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Jesus, Annunaki, Jahwe
Date: Sunday, January 4, 2009, 3:01 PM

            What is the actual problem?

Jesus did not live at the same time as Enki and Enlil.

Whether Jesus was a reinkarnation of Enki is another story. They look similar when I read the old records seeking out Akasha. But, I am honestly not that sure they were the same indidivdual being incarnating on earth. But there are similarities beteween them.

According to wellversed esoteric Sufis, we have that Enki was what today is called El-Khidr, or Kizr, the Avatar of the day. The same acting principles as Avatar of Vishnu, Oannes, Fish-God, Idris, Enoch and Thoth according to Blavatsky. And Idris was honored as the inventor of sewing (Esoteric Design) in Sufi tradition.

That is what I know. Below I give some of Blavatsky's views...

HPB says:

"These doctrines contain the teachings of Esoteric philosophy, and this must suffice. To those who understand nothing of symbology it may appear astrolatry, pure and simple, or to him who would conceal the esoteric truth, even "heathenish foolishness. " Maimonides, however, while expressing scorn for the esotericism in the religion of other nations, confessed esotericism and symbology in his own, preached silence and secresy upon the true meaning of Mosaic sayings, and thus came to grief. The Doctrines of Qû-tâmy, the Chaldean, are, in short, the allegorical rendering of the religion of the earliest nations of the Fifth Race."

(Secret Doctrine, vol. 2., p. 456-457)

H. P. Blavatsky says:  "Now Anu belongs to the Chaldean trinity, and is identical with Sin, the "Moon," in one aspect. And the Moon in the Hebrew Kabala is the Argha of the seed of all material life, and is still more closely connected, kabalistically, with Jehovah, who is double-sexed as Anu is. They are both represented in Esotericism and viewed from a dual aspect: male or spiritual, female or material, or Spirit and Matter, the two antagonistic principles. Hence the "Messengers of Anu," (who is Sin, the "Moon,") are shown, in verses 28 to 41, as being finally overpowered by the same Sin with the help of Bel (the Sun) and Ishtar (Venus). This is regarded as a contradiction by the Assyriologists, but is simply metaphysics in the esoteric teaching." 

(Secret Doctrine, vol. 2., p. 62, also view 147-149 - "To this, all those who refuse to accept the theory of a "boneless," purely ethereal, man, will object. " - perhaps explaining the Sumerian Winged Gods)

H. P. Blavatsky says Enki was Ea:

"Even with the Akkads, the great Deep (the Watery Abyss, or SPACE) was the birthplace and abode of Ea, Wisdom, the incognizable infinite Deity. But with the Semites and the later Chaldeans, the fathomless Deep of Wisdom becomes gross matter, sinful Substance, and Ea is changed into Tiamat, the dragon slain by Merodach, or Satan, in the astral waves."


"This does not relate only to other worlds in space, but to a mystery of our own globe contained in the allegory about the "kings of Edom." For the words, "This one pleases me," are repeated in Genesis i. 31, though in disfigured terms, as usual. The Chaldean fragments of Cosmogony on the Cuneiform inscriptions, and elsewhere, show two distinct creations of animals and men, the first being destroyed, as it was a failure. The Cosmogonical tablets prove that this our actual creation was preceded by others"


" (Vide Supra, Stanza I., sub-sections 2, 3, et seq., where it is shown that the early Akkadians called Ea, Wisdom, that which was disfigured by the later Chaldees and Semites into Tismat, Tisalat and the Thallath of Berosus, the female Sea Dragon, now Satan.) Truly - "How art thou fallen (by the hand of man), O bright star and son of the morning"!"


"We must remember that at the head of all the Babylonian gods were Ea, Anu, and the primeval Bel; and that Ea, the first, was the God of Wisdom, the great "God of Light" and of the DEEP, and that he was identified with Oannes, or the Biblical Dagon - the man-fish who rose out of the Persian Gulf."

( Secret Doctrine, vol. 2., p. 53, 61, 139n, - http://www.phx- ult-lodge. org/SDVolume2. htm) 

And also here on "Ohannes the baptist" and the influence of Oannes on the Gospel followers.

""Iôannês, the Baptist who is usually associated with Waters, is but a Petro-Paulite name and symbol of the Hebrew Ionah [the Jonah swallowed by the whale] and the First Messenger, Assyrian Oannes . . . The fishermen and fishers of men in the Gospels are based on this mythos." (Enoch, the Book of God, Vol. II, p. 80.)"

http://www.katinkah esselink. net/blavatsky/ articles/ v3/y1881_ 060.htm

So if Enki is anything he is symbolically John the Baptist in the Bible!

And the above last quote might tell the reason for the similarities in the teachings about Fishermen and Fish-Gods.

Did this help?

M. Sufilight

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Any more ideas please?

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