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Re: TS Adyar's Policy or non-policy

Jan 02, 2009 06:42 PM
by butchie122

In Australia there are no exclusion policies on subjects that may or 
may not be discussed.  The Adyar Bookshop in Sydney & the TS Bookshop 
in Melbourne each has a huge range of books on Theosophy from any of 
the organisations,Bailey, Krishnamurti (both J & UG, Brunton, Cayce, 
every major & many minor religions, science, health & alternatives, 
gender issues, divination of many sorts, C.Ds, DVDs; there are 
thousands of titles.

As for Lodge programmes, it is difficult to generalise but in 
Melbourne we have Tuesday evening meetings, Sunday public lectures & 
occasional special seminars.  Just by way of example, in 2007 I gave 
a monthly series for members on the mystics of the great religions 
including Jain & Sikh; in 2008 a series on the first two Stanzas of 
Dzyan (drawing both on HPB & Sri Krishna Prem) & Subba Row's 
cosmology.  This year another member & I are giving a 7 month series 
on Religious Revolutionaries of the 20th century eg. Merton, de 
Chardin, Bultmann, Osho, Muktananda, Krishnamurti etc.  Some of my 
national lectures have included, 'What reincarnates?', 'Spirituality 
& Suffering', 'The Krishnamurti in the TS','Mysteries & Mystics', and 
many others.  No one has ever asked me not to speak on anything or 
indeed to speak on anything.  The other national lecturers all chose 
their own topics & authorities.

Incidently there are no bans from using or encouragement to use the 
works of Leadbeater, CJ, Hodson, Rohit Mehta, Sri Ram, the President 
or anyone else.

We have explored the relationship between HPB's Digram of Meditaiton 
& Krishnamurti & the Voice of the Silence in weekend seminars.

It would be interesting to know what generated this subject - most of 
the places I have visited woudl typically have these sorts of 
programmes depending on the range of the local members' interests.

If you don't find your local Lodge satisfying - emmigrate to 
Australia; we will welcome you as long as you don't want to import 
any of your local bans


Brian Parry 

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