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Claiborne Pell

Jan 01, 2009 07:19 PM
by MKR

The Claiborne Pell, well known in the USA for his Pell educational grants to
help poor and needy students, just passed away. Tens of thousands of
students were the benificiaries of the Pell Grant he was responsible for.
Tens of thousands will benefit in the future.

What caught my eye was his philosophy in life - He summarized his work in
the Senate in seven words: "Translate ideas into actions and help people."

While he may not be a formal "theosophist," his life philosophy seems
practical theosophy to me. Brotherhood in action.

May be in 2009, each one of us can find ways to find ideas and see if we can
try to convert them into actions which can help people - our Brothers and


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