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Re: Theos-World Saint Ramalingam who foretold the advent of TS

Jan 01, 2009 03:32 AM
by Augoeides-222

    Yes, Vallalar of the Golden Body was an enigmatic Fellow.


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All theosophists are well aware that the famous Saint Ramalingaswami
foretold the coming of HPB and Olcott to India to spread theosophy whose
first object is Universal Brotherhool. The Saint mentioned about this to his
disciples at a time even HPB was unaware of her future travel to India. The
Saint also referred to the Adepts beyond Himalayas and all this point out
the fact that he was in contact with the Great Brotherhood and also their
future plans for the TS and spread of theosophy.

There is a nice writeup at:


On reading about the Saint, and his life style, and his mysterious
disappearance from a sealed home, one wonders if the Saint himself was a
Very High Adept. Something to think about.


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