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[Mind and Brain] Re: Did our cosmos exist before the big bang? - PART 2

Dec 31, 2008 09:26 PM
by Leon Maurer

(Continued from PART 1)
>>> Sorry John, but I have an entirely different view than most
>>> materialist scientists, about how the universe really began --
>>> starting from a zero-point of absolute empty space.  This ground
>>> space, nevertheless, is something like the infinitely energetic
>>> Aether or total space described by Einstein in his 1920 Leyden
>>> lecture... That now has become a scientific possibility according to
>>> the cosmologists -- after they had to admit "dark matter" and "dark
>>> energy" has to exist, and now find that it may be equivalent to
>>> Einstein's "gravitational constant."
>>> So what could the excess of that dark energy be, that would cause  
>>> the
>>> universe to accelerate its expansion much faster than can be
>>> calculated from the currently existing light matter forms we can see
>>> and measure?  How about their being the higher frequency/energy  
>>> order
>>> gravitational fields that came into existence simultaneously with  
>>> the
>>> corresponding "light matter" based gravity field? ... Although,  
>>> there
>>> is calculated and indirectly observed, at least twice a much of such
>>> dark substance (along with much more light matter-energy than can be
>>> measured, seen or calculated by the cosmologists.
>>> So, why couldn't some of that extra mass-energy be in the invisible
>>> higher order fields as described in my ABC theory?  As well as in  
>>> the
>>> mass tied up in all the ZPE quantum vacuum field/s on our physical
>>> plane that are analogous to the much higher order cosmogenetic
>>> fields?  These fields would also be spinning on all three primary
>>> axes of the spherical universe... And -- because all such spherical
>>> fields would have to originate from infinite zero-point spin momenta
>>> or G-force distributed everywhere in the infinite  Aether -- they
>>> would have to be spinning on three different primal spacetime axes
>>> within the highest phase order cosmic field l... And, thereby, they
>>> would be invisible to each other... Yet, their combined  
>>> gravitational
>>> accelerating force (at the constantly refreshing primal beginning)
>>> could total the gravitational constant calculated by Einstein.  This
>>> number is at least 80% greater than can be calculated, based on
>>> visible matter alone.
>>> So, this rationale cannot be ignored- -- since it results in a  
>>> system
>>> that answers all the hard problems of consciousness study, as  
>>> well as
>>> resolves all the paradoxes and anomalies of conventional quantum
>>> theories -- while predicting all the new holographic paradigm,  
>>> string
>>> and quantum gravity, etc. theories currently being developed and
>>> becoming part of the mainstream post modern physics -- which are now
>>> in the curricula of most universities throughout the world.
>>> Obviously, then (to me at least) all the shibboleths of conventional
>>> materialistic reductive physics has to be put aside ... And a new
>>> paradigm substituted that leads to a holographic universe  
>>> existing on
>>> several different (but continuously interconnected) phase orders of
>>> spacetime... Each with its own mass energy forms based on a single
>>> cyclic law of electrodynamics and multi dimensional infinite fractal
>>> field geometries that are inherent in the ubiquitous spin momenta of
>>> absolute space (Aether) that underlies ALL relative non metric and
>>> metric space and time.
>>> Check out the outline and illustrations at:
>>> and see if you can stretch your imagination (which Einstein said is
>>> more important than knowledge) -- and do some "mind experiments"
>>> based on them, to see for yourself how reasonable this model of
>>> overall reality actually is.  Try to envision the harmonic fractal
>>> involved fields like the harmonics of music -- which should be easy
>>> for you. :-)
>>> It seems that the universe you are speaking about  -- which came
>>> after the supposed "big bang) is simply the fourth lowest order
>>> physical world that appeared after the initial highest order
>>> (spiritual) fields of cosmos first appeared -- aeons before (in  
>>> their
>>> own time) the physical universe appeared, inflated, broke symmetry
>>> and started growing and evolving into what we experience today -
>>> billions of years later.
>>> As for all the other infinite universes, they each spring up from  
>>> the
>>> same zero-point source as our universe -- since the ground space, of
>>> which our triple axis spherical aether is a miniscule part, is
>>> spinning on infinite spherical axis.  Therefore each universe, like
>>> the three forms of light and dark matter in our universe, exists in
>>> their own specific angles of overall absolute space... Just like a
>>> near infinite number of different angle laser holograms can exist in
>>> a single solid medium (limited the grain size of their atoms or
>>> particles and the division of angular movement of the laser  
>>> projector).
>>> Hope this "sensible" (on a higher level ;-) view of the overall
>>> cosmos (that is much bigger than our metric universe) -- helps bring
>>> our thinking into a little closer alignment.
>>> The trick is seeing the ultimate beginning and ultimate end as being
>>> identical -- with the in-between governed solely by the laws of
>>> cycles and periodicity.  (But, maybe we are both getting too old to
>>> do the arithmetic anymore. Although we certainly should know how to
>>> imagine and think about the harmonies and chord glisses by now. ;-)
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Leon Maurer
>>> On Dec 17, 2008, at 12/17/089:43 AM, JohnM wrote:
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