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Last person to know CW Leadbeater

Dec 30, 2008 09:58 PM
by butchie122

Last Thursday, Christopher Bannister died, aged 98.  Born in 1910 he is 
the last person, of whom I am aware, to know Leadbeater.  He had a fund 
of stories about his contacts with the old man for whom he had a deep 
respect.  Christopher always denied that Leadbeater had improper sexual 
realtions with his pupils.  He vividly remembered the 'truth is a 
pathless land' happening & its impact on the TS and had many 
experiences with such as Arundale, Wedgwood, Rukmini Devi.

An architect by profession, Christopher was a gentle man in the true 
meaning of the term, deeply interested up till the time of his death in 
the latest science, particularly cosmology. He remained a TS member 
until his death.

Brian Parry

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