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Theosophical publications in Russia for the last 5 years

Dec 28, 2008 00:13 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

	  Theosophical publications in Russia for the last 5 years
(the list may be not full)


Blavatsky. Key to Theosophy (with selected articles & Transactions of
Blavatsky Lodge) 5000 copies.**
Blavatsky. Phenomenon of Man (collection of 25 articles). 2000 copies.
Blavatsky. Fragments of occult truth (collection of 100 articles).
6000 copies.
Blavatsky. Theosophical glossary. 5000 copies.
Blavatsky. Isis Unveiled.
Damodar: Writings of a Hindu chela. 2000 copies.*
Pavri. Theosophy explained in questions and answers.
Rogers. Hints to the young occultists. 3000 copies****
Leadbeater. Masters and the Path. (Full edition). 2000 copies***
Leadbeater. Astral plane. 2000 copies
Leadbeater. Devachanic plane. 5000 copies
Leadbeater. How Theosophy came to me. 3000 copies*
Leadbeater. Dreams, what they are and how they are caused. 2000 copies
Chatterji, Holloway. Man: fragments of forgotten history. 3000 copies.*
Besant. Teaching of the Heart. 2000 copies.
Anonymous. Dream of Ravana with the comments ascribed to K.H. 1500


Blavatsky. Key to Theosophy (separate edition) 5000 copies. (2004 ed.
also reprinted)
Leadbeater. Inner Life. (Abridged edition) 5000 copies.
Besant, Leadbeater. Thoughtforms. 1500 copies.
Barborka. Mahatmas & their letters. 3000 copies.*
Taimni. Glimpses into the psychology of yoga


Blavatsky. Transactions of Blavatsky Lodge. 2000 copies.
Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine, vol. 3. 10000 copies.
Blavatsky. Isis Unveiled.
C. Jinarajadasa. Practical Theosophy (with addition of articles on the
topic by Blavatsky, Olcott, Judge & Leadbeater) 3000 copies.*
G. Hodson. Miracle of Birth. 3000 copies.*
Mahatma letters to A.P. Sinnett. 2000 copies.
C.W. Leadbeater, in one volume titled "Life after death":
	  Life after death
	  Invisible Helpers***
	  Astral Plane
	  Devachanic Plane
	  Buddhic consciousness*
	  Sketches on prehistoric civilisations (from Man: whence how & whither)
	  Future of the Theosophical Society* 
5000 copies
A. Besant, in one volume titled "Laws of Higher Life":
	  In the outer court
	  Laws of higher life
	  Riddles of life and how theosophy answers them
	  Evolution of life and form
	  Path of the discipleship
	  On suffering. On joy.
	  Comments to the Bhagavad Gita
	  Thought power, its control and culture
3000 copies
Various authors, in the volume titled "Secret of the Sphinx. Truth
about Blavatsky":
	  V. Zhelihovskaya. Raddha-bai, or the truth about Blavatsky
	  C. Leadbeater. Chapters on Blavatsky from "How theosophy came to me"
	  E. Pisareva. Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya.
	  A. Kamenskaya. Mission of H.P. Blavatsky.
	  Pupils about Blavatsky (various): Olcott, Besant, Keightley, etc.
	  M. Hotchener. Theosophy and theosophists
	  H.P. Blavatsky:
	   Gems of East, Voice of Silence,* Occultism vs occult arts, Some
instructions for everyday use.
3000 copies
Various authors, in the volume titled "Helena Blavatsky: destinies and
	  A. Sobolev. Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya.
	  H.P. Blavatsky. Original programme of the Theosophical Society.*
	  Short biographic sketches on all presidents of Theosophical Society
and also on W.Q. Judge.
	  K.H. to Gebrard (1884) and to Besant (1900)*
900 copies.


Judge. Ocean of theosophy + Letters which helped me. 1000 copies.
Leadbeater. The Astral Plane
Leadbeater. How clairvoyance is developed (+ Difficultes in
clairvoyance and Reality of astral plane) 3000 copies
Leadbeater. Invisible Helpers. 3000 copies
Besant. Thought power, its control and culture
Blavatsky. Isis Unveiled.
Blavatsky. Occultism or magic (collection of articles) 5000 copies.
Blavatsky. Transactions of Blavatsky Lodge (dated already 2008) 5000
Blavatsky. Fragments of occult truth (collection of articles). 3000 copies
Blavatsky. From caves & jungles of Hidnostan. Tribes of Blue Hills.
Durbar in Lahor. 5100 copies
Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine, vols. 1&2.


Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine, vol. 3.
Blavatsky. Voice of Silence + sel. articles + Light on the Path. 5000
Blavatsky. Voice of Silence + selected articles. 4000 copies.
Blavatsky. Tribes of Blue Hills. 3000 copies.
Besant, Leadbeater. Thought Forms + Dreams. 5000 copies.
Besant, Leadbeater. Occult Chemistry* (after 1919 edition) 5000 copies.
Besant. Man and his bodies. 3000 copies.
Besant. Brotherhood of religions.
Leadbeater. The hidden side of things.* 3000 copies.
Leadbeater. Sketches on prehistorical civilisations (extr. from Man:
whence how & whither) 5000 copies.
Leadbeater. Masters and the Path.
Wood. Seven rays.* 3000 copies.
Chatterji, Holloway. Man: fragments of forgotten history. (2nd ed.
with corrections by HPB) 2000 copies.
Besant. Ancient Wisdom. 3000 copies.
A. Besant, in one volume titled "Ancient Wisdom":
	  Ancient Wisdom
	  Esoteric Cristianity
	  Thought Power, its control and culture
	  Occultism, semi-occultism and pseudo-occultism
	  Necessity for reincarnation

* First printing in Russian
** First printing of a new translation
*** First full printing
**** Reprinted for the first time since 1922

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