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Re: Theos-World Dark Fellowships: The Vril

Dec 21, 2008 09:04 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

mkr, you seem to have seen too much Allies propaganda. That's all lies.

Nationalsocialists did not believe in a superior race as a careful study of original texts proofs.

On the contrary they taught, that each race has a worth of its own (Erbeigenart, which in Tibetan is Svabhava).

To give you one example quote from the then known and respected race researcher Dr. Clauss (for the record in orginal German, follows my humble translation):

"Jede Rasse stellt in sich selbst einen Hoechstwert dar. Jede Rasse traegt ihre Wertordnung und ihren WertmaÃstab in sich selbst und darf nicht mit dem MaÃstab irgendeiner anderen Rasse gemessen werden."
- Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss: "Rasse und Seele", Muenchen 1943

"Each race represents in itsself the highest value. Each race carries in itsself its value order and its value scale and must not be measured with the scale of any other race."
- Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss: "Race and Soul", Munich 1943

>From my humble theosophical point of view Clauss, who represented the common German view (compare it with the many statements of the leading persons), has the same view on race as HPB and her Mahatmas have.

On the contrary to the Allies propaganda the German position rejected the theory of a superior race and therefore the rationale for the klepto plutocrats and supported a true brotherhood among the nations and races, with free exchange between the nations in economy and culture (as demanded by HPB in her "Key to theosophy"), without an international bankster and vampyre system between the nations.

It is the theory of the Frankfurt school that no races and no differences exist. Therefore the German position is slandered as racism. That is neither the German point of view, nor that of the Mahatmas, for whom the doctrine of the races is a cardinal dogma. The Frankfurt school dogmas are designed as a weapon to annihilate the white race in Europe and America.

And as this Frankfurt school dogma is the sick propaganda trick of the Elected Ones, which perform the foreign rule in the de facto marxist USA, you probably will have soon the opportunity to see it with your own eyes. Exept the wonder happens of which HPB and Judge wrote several times - and the world is freed from the terror "state" by a natural catastrophe (the USA are no state in the original sense of the term and from Hegel's point of view).

"We feel that the time is approaching, and that we are bound to choose between the triumph of Truth or the Reign of Error and â Terror."
- Mahatma Letters No. 49,

Although the low intellectual quality of US tv is no big surprise, a truth searcher may be wondering why History Channel or Discorvery Channel 60 years after the material end of WWII find it necessary to repeat parrot-like the wartime propaganda of the 1940ies. That is worth to think over it!

The German position is well pictured by Tingley student Mundy from the former theosophical community at Point Loma (which BTW, was the only theosophical lineage I know of, which did not follow the Allies lie propaganda against Germany):

"Theories of internationalism, being based on local point of view, can accomplish no more than to reduce all nations to one dead-level of suppression, leading ultimately to explosion more terrific than the outbursts of Vesuvius - matter seeking to imprison force. 
It is the Universal Law that makes possible the playing of Beethoven's magic compositions by orchestra of a hundred pieces. To compel the first and second violins to use their bows simultaneausly, would accomplish a result as futile in degree, and in its way, as any effort to bind the nations in one man-governed league. It is enough, and difficult enough, that nations should govern themselves; and they will never attain harmony by all striving to be the first violins. Order is attained by listening, self-government, and work; and not by listening to the next piece in the orchestra but to the universal symphony."
 - Talbot Mundy: "Universal", The Theosophical Path, January 1924, Reprint in: "The Lama's Law. Talbot Mundy in 'The Theosophical Path'", Ohio, Isis Books 1995, pp. 41-42.To the Hebrew saying, âI, the Lord create evil,â the Mahatma answersââI, the Initiate try to counteract and destroy it.â

- Helena Blavatsky, B:CW VI:19,


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I agree. I have not seen it. From the cover of the DVD which shows the
German Soldiers, I suppose it talks more about the superior race that Nazis
believed in. I have ordered a copy of the DVD and let me have a look at it


On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 12:13 AM, <> wrote:

> Ok, let's do this right.
> There is a lot of nonsense about the Vril out there and I hope I get to see
> the documentary to see how much nonsense it continues with. These things
> have to be seen in their historic context but the most interesting feature
> of
> the Vril is not the flying saucer that never existed or we would all be
> speaking
> German, but rather the attempts to communicate with Aldebaran, or something
> living out near there. And then we get into the question of whether the
> Black Sun is Aldebaran or located in the center of the Earth.
> Chuck the Heretic
> In a message dated 12/19/2008 7:20:46 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> <> writes:
> Has anyone recently saw on the Discovery Channel, the documentary titled,
> "Dark Fellowships: The Vril"?
> Amazon which sells the DVD, states:
> "Uncover the truth surrounding one of the most renowned and feared
> organizations in the world â the Vril Society. Explore conspiracy theories,
> retrace historical events, and investigate internal agendas while
> uncovering
> the secrets of the society's macabre rituals.
> Discover what occult rites were performed by this dangerous group in their
> dark lust for ultimate power and learn how and where this organization â
> which existed at the core of the Nazi Party â still thrives today, almost
> 100 years after its founding."
> Some members in NZ who happened to watch this, noted that a very well-known
> theosophist in England, Edi Billimoria is on the documentary presenting the
> view of TS.
> In my area, the documentary is planned to be shown next couple of weeks.
> May
> be it will be shown in your area soon.
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