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Re: Theos-World Dark Fellowships: The Vril

Dec 21, 2008 08:15 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

illogical, Chuck.
The flying saucers (at least of German origin) do exist.

But what have they to do with the German language?

The flying saucers don't want you speak German.


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Ok, let's do this right.

There is a lot of nonsense about the Vril out there and I hope I get to see 
the documentary to see how much nonsense it continues with. These things 
have to be seen in their historic context but the most interesting feature of 
the Vril is not the flying saucer that never existed or we would all be speaking 
German, but rather the attempts to communicate with Aldebaran, or something 
living out near there. And then we get into the question of whether the 
Black Sun is Aldebaran or located in the center of the Earth.

Chuck the Heretic

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Has anyone recently saw on the Discovery Channel, the documentary titled,
"Dark Fellowships: The Vril"?

Amazon which sells the DVD, states:
"Uncover the truth surrounding one of the most renowned and feared
organizations in the world â the Vril Society. Explore conspiracy theories,
retrace historical events, and investigate internal agendas while uncovering
the secrets of the society's macabre rituals.

Discover what occult rites were performed by this dangerous group in their
dark lust for ultimate power and learn how and where this organization â
which existed at the core of the Nazi Party â still thrives today, almost
100 years after its founding."

Some members in NZ who happened to watch this, noted that a very well-known
theosophist in England, Edi Billimoria is on the documentary presenting the
view of TS.

In my area, the documentary is planned to be shown next couple of weeks. May
be it will be shown in your area soon.


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