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Re: Dark Fellowships: The Vril

Dec 21, 2008 03:29 AM
by paijmanstheo

Hi Cass and all,

The aspect of Blavatsky's anti-Semitism was already treated indepth by
James Webb in his 'Occult Establishment', notably pages 226-233, and
his anaylisis forms the basis for my opinion. We need, of course, to
define what 'racist and anti-Semitic ideas' are, what our modern
interpretation of this is, and then, as Chuck rightly said, place
these in context, in order to have a proper assessment of this topic.

For instance, many, very many so-called enlightened thinkers and
literati of the 19th century were profound, self-proclaimed
misogynists. Many so-called enlighteend thinkers and literati were
anti-Semitic and racist. It is also a matter of the ethic elements of
19th century culture. But yes, even now, there are racist elements
found in the whole spectrum of theosophy and anthroposophy.

As you ask for examples, let me quote Webb (page 226): "Theosophy, its
doctrine, its foundress, and its adherents, can all be shown to have
been involved in racism, conspiracy theories and at least one
anti-Semitic tract. This tract is of considerable importance, as it is
one of the earliest anticipations of 'The Secret Of The Jews'and the
'Protocols'... Blavatsky was by birth a Russian of the official
classes, and it would be surprising if something of the anti-Semitic
mythology of the Russian aristocracy had not rubbed off on her. She
cannot be accused of any active anti-Semitism, but her attitude was
that of her origins. In 1877 she was in New York, and on 25 September
she published a letter in 'The World' protesting against an article in
the 'New York Sun'which described the continuing persecution of the
Russian Jews..."

Blavatsky, Webb concludes, suffered not from a "persecuting
anti-Semitism", but from "a passive acceptance of some elements of the
myth". Webb further writes: "Her attitude to the Cabala was similar.
She allowed it value but thought it should be stripped of its Jewish
guardians. It may also be significant that she included in the
references for 'Isis Unveiled' a book on human sacrifice among the
Jews - a common topic of Russian anti-Semitism."

Webb, page 229-231: "In 1888 the Theosophical Publishing Society in
London issued another document concerned with a conspiracy. This time
it was directed against the Jews." Its editor was Richard Harte, whose
"only other anti-Semitic statement... in print was his assertion that
'the conception of the incarnation of a God for the salvation of
mankind is a purely Aryan idea, absolutely and completely pagan, and
nothing would have horryfied the Jews themselves as a nation more than
the notion of Jehovah having a son by a woman."

The pages in Webb's monumental study make for some interesting reading
on this topic. And then there is theosophist Julia Glinka, whose
efforts brought the 'Protocols of the Elders Of Zion' into the
limelight. With dire effect, as we would learn later on.

Sincere regards,


--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Yes I have seen the documentary Theo and I was disappointed to hear
that you held the opinion that HPB held anti-semitic and racist
ideas.  I can only think that you haven't understood what she was
saying.  However, if you would like to give examples of these ideas
we can discuss it.

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