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Re: Theos-World Religious cloning

Dec 20, 2008 08:47 AM
by Augoeides-222

  A few additions to the podium. Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli in Germany had also major contributions he later became Pope Pius XII;


I have the belief that much of the environment that it is encased in is long standing existential experience of mankind of the Rulership of the Lords and Kings. "The Lord/King giveth and taketh life." Off with his head lol! So much of the descriptiveness in scripture is a model to parelell direct experience. Ho Hum.

About the Cloning thing. Many years ago in the UFO Case the "Vessel of Light said to us:

"One Cell has Life  ---
And Man shall strive ---
Cloning of Life and Mind"

So is more than "body" also part of the process? Whose Mind  and Life?  Life itself is ubiquitous in origin from the Absolute and coterminus to Space , Purush, etc. We only have "participation" in  where we find our "awareness". Perhaps "Life" is one of the "uncreate" projections. So the Ancient Mandaeans ( the True Nazarean Sect ) proclaimed "And Life is Victorious!!!" A bedrock of Gnosis.
As Monads and "Units of Awareness" of the Absolute we could possibly be described as a type of clone lol.

   The EU failed to incorporate in the proposed EU Constitution the expressed desire of the Vatican. The Vatican then expressed it's "disappointment. The Europeans preserved their Independence and self auautonomy. Not to worry lol. 


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From: "Morten Nymann Olesen" <> 
To all readers and Cass

My views are:

The e-mail was for your consideration. If you do not get anything new from it, that is fine for you.
Others might get something else. And that is and was one of the points with the e-mail.

*** Some questions could be considered ***
1. Would it be allright to destroy a clone, because the Pope deems it unclean and not from God?

The difference between this view and that of Thomas Aquina is clear it seems, yet also very small when reading it carefully:

Here is the passage mentioned by Blavatsky:
"Reply to Objection 2: All men alike, both guilty and innocent, die the death of nature: which death of nature is inflicted by the power of God on account of original sin, according to 1 Kgs. 2:6: "The Lord killeth and maketh alive." Consequently, by the command of God, death can be inflicted on any man, guilty or innocent, without any injustice whatever. In like manner adultery is intercourse with another's wife; who is allotted to him by the law emanating from God. Consequently intercourse with any woman, by the command of God, is neither adultery nor fornication. The same applies to theft, which is the taking of another's property. For whatever is taken by the command of God, to Whom all things belong, is not taken against the will of its owner, whereas it is in this that theft consists. Nor is it only in human things, that whatever is commanded by God is right; but also in natural things, whatever is done by God, is, in some way, natural, as stated in the FP, Question [105], Ar
ticle [6], ad 1."

Take for instance the following as a part of the respect 

2. If Christian's aught to regard Clones like the Pope appearntly does, how are they regarding cloned food or just hybrid plants? As unclean? 

3. And would they be able to justifiy the idea, that, that various existing races somehow are clones from the past and no real humans? Should the Jews again be afraid to be discovered as being clones?

The questions are important to ask especially because of the present Popes childhood in HitlerJugend, and because he was ordained by the Nazi Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber ( ). Faulhaber was one of the most important hands behind the Reichskonkordat from 1933, which ruled all other religious faiths out in Hitlers Germany except the Christian one. It is said to be still valid today, since it has never been changed. And the Pope has a clear officially stated goal - acrusade - towards having the Christian faith written on the EU constitution as the cultural heritage, which EU citizens are doomed to build ´their lives on. I would say: Despotism at its best.

M. Sufilight

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From: Cass Silva 
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 1:35 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Religious cloning

What point are you making?

From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Sent: Saturday, 20 December, 2008 7:12:36 AM
Subject: Theos-World Religious cloning

Dear friends

My views are:

I posted the following e-mail here at Theos-talk, April 18th 2005.
(One day before the present Pope Ratzinger was secretly elected).
http://www.theos- archives/ 200504/tt01115. html

One link in the above E-mail was this one:

Ratzinger seems to be an anti-democrat
http://www.ctaww. org/articles/ williams_ vicepopewieldswi deinfluence. htm
His views on cloning:
"Man is capable of producing another man in the laboratory who therefore is no longer a gift from God or of nature. ... Just as he can be fabricated, he can be destroyed," Ratzinger said."


The Pied Piper of Hamelin
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ The_Pied_ Piper_of_ Hamelin

Merry Christmas to all the poor and poor in spirit on the Planet.

M. Sufilight

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