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Re: Did our QLC cosmos exist before 'holographic' ABC

Dec 19, 2008 04:45 PM
by Leon Maurer


If QLC refers to the "Quantum Life Changes" model posted at this web  
site: ... Then it's  
quite obvious to me that the ABC theory could be the only true basis  
of cosmogenesis -- that not only fully answers all the "hard  
problems" of consciousness studies, but also underlies the QLC model  
as well as all the Eastern esoteric or occult theories of  
consciousness and mind -- while also being entirely consistent with  
the scientific theories of Einstein, Bohm, Pribram, Heisenberg,  
Witten, Susskind, Smolen, Green, Kaku, etc., etc., etc,.

In fact, ABC evolved and was inspired by the same source that  
Einstein received his intuition of matter-energy equivalence, quanta,  
relativity, aether, etc.... And from which, I assume, could also have  
been the primary source of the QLC model.

Obviously, since it begins with the zero-point consciousness of the  
entire cosmos, the ABC model of cosmogenesis is the mother of QLC --  
which can deal only with the living spirit and mind fields on the  
lower order physical universe...  Which came long AFTER (in cosmic  
time) the analogous Supreme Spirit and Mahat worlds of the Cosmos  
appeared.   As Einstein said in his 1920 Leyden lecture, "The Aether  
is physical"... As are (according to the ABC model) all its higher  
order spirit, mind and astral field analogues (that surrounds all its  
forms of "ponderable matter").

That's why QLC can only see as far as the quantum field and its  
material particle-waves and strings -- without any understanding of  
where and from what the physical mind and long term archetypal and  
instinctual memory fields originated, how they involved from the  
higher order cosmic fields, or how they actually work in conjunction  
with the neurology and the senses (If they recognize them as  
electrodynamic fields at all.

So, ABC -- as the ultimate model of the synthesis of science,  
religion and philosophy -- tells us about all that...  (As well as  
where the hierarchies of gods and angels came from, that the  
theologians speak of ;-)  Obviously, "there is more in heaven and  
earth than (most people) can dream of in their philosophies."

As for the available articles and illustrations:  Here is the latest  

Preliminary Notes: "ASTRO BIOLOGICAL COENERGETICS - On the Threshold  
of a New Science and Technology"

Article 1: "Absolute space is the noumenal source of phenomenal  

Article 2: "Consciousness is a fundamental quality of Absolute Space"
This article contains illustrations (or the old links to them.)

The illustrations are also located directly at the new links below:

With regard for the holographic idea of ABC...  It should be obvious  
that -- since the zero-point spin momentum containing the information  
of the entire cosmos is located everywhere in our fourth world  
physical spacetime continuum (as well as in the three higher order  
worlds) -- all cosmic, and sub cosmic structural and sensory or  
perceptive image information (of all kinds and levels) is carried (on  
the harmonic fractal involved fields surrounding all such zero- 
points) as modulated (AM-FM) electromagnetic wave interference  
patterned holograms.  This also applies to all global and local  
information carried by the fields originating from the zero-point  
"singularities: of our physical aether grounded spacetime.

Thus, we can assume that *information* is relative, and that the  
universe everywhere is both relative and absolute. (IOW, the relative  
is absolute, and the absolute is relative -- which fits perfectly  
with Cantor's infinite set theory indicating that there are infinite  
sets of infinities that could exist simultaneously in absolutely  
empty and unconditioned space -- whose only motion is the abstract  
non linear infinite spin momentum in every coadunate zero-point.   
Thus, absolute space is infinitely divisible, as well as infinitely  
multipliable. (Vide: infinite universe theories).  Note that infinite  
"absolute space " is NOT "aether space" -- that constitutes the  
infinite (subset) "singularities" (Laya Points) of our total physical  
spacetime continuum. (Which is Just a small part of the overall  
Cosmos, that in turn, is a miniscule part of absolute space.)

Since the field surfaces carrying the images are of a much higher  
frequency, these images can be reconstructed holographically by  
projection of a coherent ray (at that higher carrier frequency)  
generated willfully from the zero-point center of the carrier field's  
(mind, memory, brain wave, etc.) origin.  Thus, we see and hear a  
full holographic image of the outer world (as if projected from a  
single point in the center of the brain) that enable us to locate the  
source of both light and sound, as well as the position of any point  
in the 3D image matrix -- linked holographically and  
electrodynamically to every point in our body.  I think this was more  
or less explained fully in Article 2, and also partially covered in  
the Preliminary Notes.  To visualize all this in full  
multidimensional reality takes a well controlled power of imagination  
-- which Einstein said was far "more important than knowledge."

Hope this gives you (and other readers) enough background info to  
comprehend the full scope of the ABC model.

All questions welcome...

Best wishes,

On Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:41 pm ((PST)) "Chris King" dhushara wrote:
> Leon, The onus is on you to explain the relationship if any between
> QLC and ABC. It also remains opaque what the holographic idea has to
> either, so you need to make this clear as well.
> Finally your links all go to an access forbidden message from your web
> site so no one can see what you are referring to.

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