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Re: Theos-World Some Comments about dedicated theosophists

Dec 19, 2008 03:37 PM
by F Gregg Meagher

Thank you!
I never desire to offend anyone's beliefs or human convictions in any manner
whatsoever. I sincerely hope, on the part of all in Theos, that I will be
profoundly understood before 'criticism' takes its natural place within the
'human mental process'; be same of s 'conscious' or 'subconscious' nature.

Spirituality? For me is a 'Reality' and part of man's (and the physical
state's) DNA. I am someone who well knows 'Apparition' as having been Gifted
as a Child with This Form of Communication. I know the Process to be, not as
defined or described (for beneficial reasons) at religious levels. And, I
have demonstrated personally (human-mind) convictions I held within for
decades of man's measured times in regrad to the actuality of 'Apparition'.

If 'man' deems Spirituality to be a Reality within existence... and further,
allows for 'Spiritual Communication' to be a Real Possibility also: Than
'that man' must also accept that there are those who possess what has been
defined as a 'God's Knowledge', in a Direct Manner. This 'Knowledge' opens
doors to Relationships and Structures between the defined 'Physical' and
'Spiritual' States of Being. These Relationships are seemingly futuristic in
nature, and time, for man's acceptance; even though, they (with open mind
and intelligence) can be in fact supported at scientific, biological, and
theological levels by the very same documents which man has based his
beliefs upon... carrying 'him' beyond to Total Understanding of His True
Natures. The Later, being the One Path and Solution for Unified Love and
Defense of Both the Spiritual and Physical Environments. 'Man' fails to
relate his adverse actions (war, environmental abuses, negligence in respect
to Life in general, and on) to the realistic, and cancerous, effects upon
Life (as One God) and the Natures Which have brought forth the Physical
State of Being.

Closed mindedness, even at the most 'open minded' levels prevents 'man' in
general from reaching-out within 'himself / herself' to Touch 'One's
Self'... and to integrate the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Intelligence, Which is
to be, not only shared but also, the Guide to man's human mind and brain
(the later being a mere elaborate and miraculous control room). Thus 'man'
of advanced, and independent, thought remains within human research
criterias; an endless maze of 'cosmos' (?) and the like. Yet, an acceptably
comfortable one for man's deepest, and most profound, egoism. For 'man' to
accept inferiority of 'being', in the physical state, is merely impossible.
The later, due to thousands of histroical years of indoctrination and
controlled (even at the most liberal horizons) thought patterns.

I admire, all Those whom have researched... and have refused to accept
Society's 'Thought Stop' at banal levels of lifestyles. Yet, I know
personally where these paths will someday lead to. From within, as I glance
at researched and / or converstaional matters which present themselves
before my human mind; I am questioned from beyond my human heart and mind,
as to why I should enter into path's being constructed when I, sincerely and
honestly, look back from their Final Destinations.

I have personally, even to levels such as the United Nations, defended Life.
Particularly with regards to 'Minor's Rights' against religious ceremonies,
binding them into limited and restricted thought, such as 'baptism'. For, if
'man' has not the Opportunity of exploring LIfe's Diverse Natures and
Structural Entities... 'man' will never break-through to the Knowledge he
has been denied via religious, political, and commercially orientated powers
and interests. Please note: that findings have clearly indicated 'early man'
demonstrated a Spiritual Reality and Presence within this physical garden,
planet, Universe. It is not difficult to find, on the internet or other,
specific organizations (which have historically evolved to power in these
very times) which 'secretly' studied and emplaced human management tactics
(in short) to separate 'man' from a Real and Factual Spiritual Presence.
Maybe, because the 'Guide Books' would take 'follower' deeper into what was
historically said or written into the 'Oneness Sector' of Being, in Fact, of
a God. The Later, I have come to know as Life.

For me: A human mind which finds 'likeable' human facts and knowledge.
However, a 'human mind' which knows its True Place and Reason for Being
beyond the 'mannequin' which adorns it. A human mind, which knows
Spirituality as a Very Present Reality and understands the shortcomings of
'man's mental and ohysical abilities' when not in Unity with the True, and
Superior, Nature of Being... whom 'we as man' refuse to accept to be.
Victims to indoctrination ... and the mazes of researching within programmed
channels of permitted availabilty.

I have come to Theos, due to a very close friend who knows me to be truly
who I am. This Friend, gifted me with a book which She finds a significant
confirmation to what she has witnessed in our 8 year Friendship Term. After,
repeated suggestions for me to contact the Author... I attempted to do so. I
believe that my eMail is in his personal possession; however, I have not
received a reply or comment as of this moment. Navigating the Link of the
Organization from which I received, a very kind acknowledgement of receipt
and assistance, I found a link to the Theos Group.

I have entered into thisGroup for understanding of where you are... where
you are going... and if possible to locate (confirm) that someone is moving
within (or towards) That Whicj I know to be. I use not terms such as;
believe; as they are not appropriate.

Have a Great Day!

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 5:04 PM, MKR <> wrote:

>   HI
> Welcome to the list. It is an unmoderated list and you are welcome to share
> your thinking on any matter.
> mkr
> On 12/17/08, F Gregg Meagher <<>>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > I am new to your 'Theos-Talk' Group...
> > not to human-life errors and contradictions though.
> >
> > I would like to thank you for being the first eMail I have had come
> before
> > my eyes; as you clarified a problem within Theology which I know to be
> > humanity's downfall.
> >
> > The Structure of Life Itself deems interACTIVE support in It's defense
> > necessary. Violence is not necessary; nevertheless it is human within all
> > beliefs. We have witnessed recently, the same, in Holiest of Places on
> this
> > planet. Being active is!
> >
> > In brief, I not only agree with your statement, I am thankful for someone
> > who puts things (Reality) on the proverbial line of Truth. I have, since
> a
> > child, lived a somewhat Guided Lifestyle. Reason I know and understand
> > fully. I am not in Theos to follow decades and centuries of historical
> > 'thinking' without 'doing'. I am here to confirm, for a human brain, that
> > which I already know to be. When Truth is Knowledge lived within; the
> > human-factor (as I call it) falls extremely short of a Solution for the
> > World's (Universes') problems which 'man' has created and maintains in
> > silent development.
> >
> > Have a Great Day!
> > Here, where I am on this Planet, it is 7:48 AM and time for a much needed
> > 2nd cup of coffee.
> > Take care!
> > Gregg
> >
> >
> > On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 7:29 AM, MKR <<>
> <>>
> > wrote:
> >
> > > Anyone who had taken the trouble to read the HPB's Collected Works,
> > > should
> > > have noticed a simple fact. She was very forceful and active in writing
> > to
> > > newspapers and other publications on various issues related to TS and
> > > theosophy. She did not closet herself and act like a meek mouse.
> > >
> > > Even after she moved to India, she was very forceful in her views on
> all
> > > matters where there was injustice, social or otherwise, within the TS
> as
> > > well as out in the society. Early Theosophical classics have enough
> > > material
> > > for us to guide our actions in congruence with the First Object. Most
> of
> > us
> > > believe in the absolute justice of Karma and confident that Karma will
> > > ultimately take care of maintaining the progress and balance. However,
> > the
> > > lesson for all of us from HPB is to act and do something and not to be
> > > silent spectators sitting down meditating or follow some other occult
> > > practices in the hope that some good will come to us and also to the
> > > Humanity.
> > >
> > > Most of us are familiar with the events in TS since last December and
> TS
> > is
> > > now in a serious crisis whose origins can be traced to a handful of
> > > theosophists. Recently, it came to my notice that most of the residents
> > of
> > > Krotona are long time dedicated members and if my information is
> correct,
> > > one has to be a member of the esoteric section to be allowed to reside
> > > there, which means they are committed members. Many are very well known
> > > among theosophical community around the world. Many have lectured and
> > > written on a lot on very interesting theosophical topics.
> > >
> > > Looking at the events that have unfolded in TS, openly and behind the
> > > scenes, what we have seen is that none of those (especially the well
> > known
> > > ones) at Krotona have raised a finger openly and in public on the
> issues
> > at
> > > the back of the events that brought us to the current crisis. One
> wonders
> > > why such a deafening silence. What kind of message are we sending to
> > other
> > > members as well as outside world from which future members have to come
> > > from? It makes me sad to see this sorry state of affairs.
> > >
> > > I hope all members wake up and think for themselves and decide what
> > action
> > > they can take to help TS and theosophy instead of being silent
> > spectators.
> > >
> > > MKR
> > >
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> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> > --
> > If you have not yet found that something, which at times, you know is
> > missing within you and your life... it is only because 'No One' is
> telling
> > you the truth about 'You'!
> >
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> >
> >
> >
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If you have not yet found that something, which at times, you know is
missing within you and your life... it is only because 'No One' is telling
you the truth about 'You'!

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