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New Age of time , cosmic?

Dec 19, 2008 03:11 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Maybe there is no answer on this subject.
But who or what is determinating this timeshift and when?
We are still in the period of Pisces, while some people say we are in 
Aquarius, but from where anyone can say that;  if we still counting 
this millenium.Than we need to start from zero into 1 year. 

As long before there have been a number of beginnings as: 
Indians started in Age of Cancer, the Persians started in Gemini, the 
Egyptians ,chaldeans started in Taurus, the Greeks,Romans started in 
Ariës and the Christian time in Pisces and after we have Aquarius in 
the six period of time and the last the seventh period of time is in 
Capricornus whereafter a new round( the fifth) is starting.

Is there something in number of years for 1 round?
And how we(?) make the division in 7 periods of time, are they equal 
in the division?
In SD HPB does not risk in numbers SDI 153-185 about rounds and races.

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