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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?

Dec 18, 2008 08:26 PM
by Leon Maurer

  Laurent, I think you have hit the nail right on the head.

Nevertheless, without explaining the cosmogenetic process that brings  
the Aether into the realm of metric/dynamic spatial reality where it  
becomes possible for minds and eyes to evolve, and consciousness to  
be expressed phenomenally -- the claim that the ground state has no  
purpose, implying no potential consciousness and matter, along with  
information gathered through its past cyclic manifestations and  
experience -- has no justification.

Could it be that the sole purpose of the potentially conscious and  
material Aether is to observe and experience all the possibilities of  
its existence in infinite numbers of individually conscious sentient  
beings, based on its inherent laws of cycles and periodicity built  
into its infinite spin momentum (on infinite axes) located everywhere?

Imagine the possibilities for infinite universes as well as infinite  
possible forms and types of sentient beings on each of them.  And  
since all these universes would have to be spherical (spinning on  
three perpendicular axes) -- imagine the different beings, in each  
universe, composed of three kinds of matter, each having the  
potentiality of infinite holographic information stored on infinite  
fractal involved hyperspace fields... With only the beings on any  
single axis of spin able to communicate with each other.  The  
possibilities are mind boggling.

So, is it so amazing that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans,  
Brahmans, Chaldeans, Hebrews etc., apparently knew all this (from  
their forebears, perhaps) many thousands of years before modern human  
civilizations filled the Alexandrian library with their books?

Perhaps science, someday soon it is hoped, will be able to  
demonstrate and prove these truths beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Can we imagine what benefit that could be to mankind's civilization,  
and their common responsibility toward protecting their Earthly home  
-- when everyone knows how it all began and what their purpose is?   
How can we be separate from our common source -- that is located  
everywhere (and every when) in our metric spacetime?   Only reductive  
materialist scientists -- who can't see beyond the quantum wave  
collapse (whatever that means;-) -- can accept such separation.

Obviously, the eternal and infinitely flexible, extendable, and  
divisible aether, as one thing underlying everything, cannot be  
separated from itself.  Therefore, neither can any of the beings made  
out of it -- at least, on their highest levels of consciousness and  
mind -- which need their bodies to express that unity, and gain more  
knowledge and experience.

Leon Maurer

On Dec 15, 2008, at 12/15/089:06 AM, Laurent Duchesne wrote:
We can't use subjectivity to understand or explain objective reality.
Love, purpose... these things have meaning to us, but neither Science
nor the Universe cares about what they mean. To understand and explain
reality we must look at it in an objective way, and the facts say that
the Aether... God... Mind... Consciousness... or whatever, is just a
thing with no purpose. It can neither see nor think... until process
turns it into brains with eyes. We see and think for it, and we like
it and want to continue, that is where purpose comes from. We have
purpose, the Aether does not. In other words, the quantum state of the
Universe is barely affected by the quantum state of Humanity or planet


That which is needs to be something eternal, immutable and absolute,
with no beginning and no ending. For that to be possible there needs
to be no motion, therefore, no time. Matter is then ruled out. Matter
is what it is only at present. Neither the past, nor the future exist
as matter. The Real, absolute matter, as Hegel called it, is the
Aether. Whether you can call it God or not would depend on what you
think God is. To me, God is a thing, an entity, incapable of thinking
until matter and brains come to existence. Many call it Cosmic
Consciousness, others call it Mind, but they are all referring to same
thing, a universal being. The Aether, like God, is omnipresent and
eternal, with no beginning and no ending, it is One.


--- In, Silk <silkvain@...> wrote:

Hi ya soup fans (primodial soup) Silk here at yer service....

If it's not too much of a shock to your fantasies nervous system

I shall throw out a concept? What you all ( naturally) are doing is
being human and in so doing all you will ever achieve are human answes
to questions too

way too complex for the human.. So far so good? I hope so..

The answer to the why and what of all that is is so far beyond the
scope of a measly human mind to even contemplate let alone understand
but ye understrandable as would be an ant on a dinning room table. It
sees that

small portion of the table and can alas only draw conclusions from that
small perspective.. honest but nevertheless way off track as are my
dear friends..

Imagine yor body to be the universe.. Futhermore imagine that in this
body is  one cell of it..... You are that cell..... From this
perspective what can you, that one insignificant cell which dies ever
second and is reproduced every milli second possible fathom about the
body you but an insect in? What to do? what to do?... Acquire
humility.... Accept your right to conjecture but in the same breath
understand the meaninglessness of your thought process..

Sure a hard pill to swallow.... Continue on with your grandiosity..

declaring there Is not god.. but as god smiles and shakes it's
metaphorical head in amusement now that there is a purpose to your

there is absolutely nothing in existence that god does not engulf
and penetrate including you ant!

clock keeps ticking as time moves on & no matter which way we
slice it  we've  all got only so much of it, round & round
it goes & when  it stops nobody
knows. Some, it is true, enjoy the way their "limited" time  is
spent more so than others but none the less
it's all the same solitary time & if there is  any
differen ce  it  is only in how one feels about the
passing  of  it. Take note; for each & every one of
us, includ ing all of you  "spe ci als",
time  knocks  every second on the  head as soon as it is born &
immedia tely  buries it with accus tomed regu lar ity  as it has done
since its own begin ning, were
that ever, & will  til its  end, be that ever!  Time, the devourer
of all things! "Self
defense & logic"  abso lutely  forbid
becom ing de pressed about
that  which  is beyond
reme dy, life  for exam ple. Ya see with all your

being so in awe of this ridiculous farst refered to as human
"Intelligence" you are of course allowed to offer up your opinions as
to the woof and warp of it all.. this anthropocentric human malady is
most likely about to have about as much bearing on the nature of things
as does your silly existence....... Can there be a greater miracle to
take place than for a human to realize

It is not by any stretch of the imagination the engine but the caboose
and thats placing it wya above it true station but god is feeling
gracious during this holiday period!.. tag along bagage as the humn ego
cannot see the foresst for the trees!             Chao/Silk

--- On Sun, 12/14/08, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
From: Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...>
Subject: [Mind and Brain] Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?
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Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 12:09 AM

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