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Re: [Mind and Brain] LD/ LM- consciousness excludes/ includes qualia?

Dec 17, 2008 10:47 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Dec 16, 2008, at 12/16/081:23 PM, tom9401 wrote:

> Briefly, how do you , Laurent and Leon, connect consciousness to  
> matter and energy?
>  Is consciousness a passive observer? I conceive of consciousness  
> as a by-product of the
> action of energy within and upon itself. thus consciousness, as  
> aware energy, is a creative
> tool man uses to not only observe, but to create that which he then  
> observes. Man focuses
> his/her aware energy, causing the 'collapse 'of the wave function.  
> I assume one thing,
> energy. How many do you postulate?

Energy is objective.  Consciousness is subjective.  One is a  
"quality" the other a "quantity."  Therefore, they are categorically  
different and cannot be conflated.  So, consciousness is not energy.  
Although it's experience of qualia is determined by the encoded  
(modulated) vibrations of energy -- not the energy itself.
>> LM wrote:.. is to observe and experience
> What is experience? Do you distinguish it from observation? Why do  
> we need both?

Observation is a subjective experience of *something" in our  
individual access consciousness.  The wound that caused the pain is  
an objective experience of the cells injured. These are different  
kinds of experiences.  The cellular awareness or their experience is  
entangled with our center of individual consciousness (so we feel the  
pain) -- through their coadunate (adjoining) zero-point centers in  
the BEC of aether space, and also through the brain's neural  
processing, and its wave modulated holographic images contained in  
the brain wave field linked to the mind-memory fields (so as to  
enable us to identify and locate the source of the pain or object of  
perception.).  Thus, there are two channels of potential experiential  
information, linked to each objective experience, that is available  
to subjective awareness.  For example, the retinas of the eye  
experience the impact of the photons and their vibration.  So color  
is experienced in the eye, and simultaneously in our individualized  
global awareness... Although, this occurs before we can respond to it  
after being processed in the brain (Libet's delay).  For example, we  
experience the physical response to an image (such as an eye movement  
toward the object) after we, in our subliminal awareness, experience  
the image itself, etc.

So, if consciousness is the quality of the ubiquitous zero-point  
aether, and if mind and memory fields are independent of the brain's  
or the cellular fields, yet holographically interconnected as well as  
(sub) quantum entangled -- there are no hard problems. or explanatory  
gaps in understanding consciousness and its interrelationship with  
mind, memory, brain, body, senses, etc.
>> On Dec 15, 2008, at 12/15/089:06 AM, Laurent Duchesne wrote:
>>> We can't use subjectivity to understand or explain objective  
>>> reality.
> Objectivity is the result of the creation of a reference point  
> within. Any portion of the
> whole would have to be less than the whole. Thus, the whole divided  
> itself into portions,
> each portion, being less than the whole, could look back on the  
> rest of Itself. Thus
> objectivity existed. There is that which is here, that which is  
> there, and that which is
> neither here nor there.

This is meaningless nonsense.  Subjectivity and objectivity are  
independent aspects of fundamental nature, and the universe is a  
hologram with all its information for each part contained in every  
zero-point singularity within those parts and within itself.  Any  
portion of the whole, therefore, contains the information of the  
whole that is available to every zero-point of consciousness in the  
ubiquitous aether.  Thus, when we become aware of the highest order  
spiritual reality, and literally see its effulgent "light", our  
consciousness is at the center of that triune field, and we are at- 
one-ment with the consciousness of the primal beginning.  Thereby,  
everything can be known.  This is metaphorically demonstrated in the  
8th bull of the Zen Ten Bull koan.   
Some ancient prophets and modern day creationists, call this at-one- 
ment, "revelation."  It can be experienced, by anyone familiar with  
the Eastern methods of Rajah yoga meditation.
>>> LD wrote: ...neither Science nor the Universe cares about what  
>>> they (love, purpose)
> mean.
> I feel you underestimate Science and the Universe. All there is is  
> love (John, George, Paul &
> Ringo), there is nothing else. There is no difference between  
> 'GOD', us, energy,
> consciousness and love. We are all one. We are the body and blood  
> of God, just as Jesus
> Christ said. Sound familiar? (By the way, I am NOT a Christian, I  
> am a True Scientist.)

Then, you had better leave out the religious metaphors, and see the  
essential duality in every trinity... Because, in the beginning, the  
first energy field (spiritual) emanated and radiated from the  
universal (or any other) "singularity" (spin momentum) must form a  
hyperspherical (toroidal) spacetime -- like twin bubbles within an  
outer bubble surrounding the zero-point of subjective consciousness  
at their common center.  This triune field analogously corresponds to  
the initial spiritual field surrounding every human being.  See the  
illustrations at 

Since all energy is "space in motionP (according to Einstein)... And  
since that space is the Aether, out of which all forms of energy  
radiate, involve and evolve... Then. one could say -- since the  
static aether is pure consciousness (potential awareness, will,  
qualia, etc,)... And, as the aether is located everywhere in the  
quantum vacuum... All that energy (the aether in linear motion) can  
do is carry information on the spiritual, mental-memory and astral  
field planes... And also, when given the sensory tools along with a  
suitable neurology, on the lower order physical EM field level.

But, that objective "energy" itself is not the same as the static  
zero-point of subjective consciousness at the center of its  
"spinergy" (spin momental source of all energy fields).  So there is  
no such thing as "aware energy."  For example, what we call  
"potential kinetic energy" -- is not aware (although the zero-point  
center of the gravitational field, that stores that potential energy,  
may be).  And, our consciousness is not aware of the mental and  
memory energy fields themselves, but only of the information carried  
as modulated wave interference patterns on their surfaces.

The main problem is understanding the difference between access or  
witness consciousness, phenomenal or experiential consciousness, and  
the correlates of consciousness.  The latter requires the  
manipulation of energy, the middle requires the *information*  
resulting from that manipulation,, and the first is nothing more than  
pure (invisible, intangible, eternal, ineffable) *subjectivity* in  
itself. -- which, we could say, is equivalent to God, or Absolute  
space, or Aether -- that underlies total cosmic spacetime, as well as  
every being in it.

As for how consciousness "connects to matter-energy?" (or should we  
say "to the *information* carried by matter-energy"?) ... See my  
short outline of this priocess at:

Best wishes,

Leon  Maurer
> -Tom

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