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The Mad Master

Dec 17, 2008 05:31 PM
by Martin

The Mad Master 

Once upon a time there was a man who had no ambition but to fullfill ambitions of others.
To see the light of happiness in some1 else's eyes sweetened his soul as a reward of his work and he soon got the nickname ' the madmaster'.
One day an ugly old man came at his door, which was always open, and asked him angrily to fullfill his ambition to become 'God'.
The madmaster looked him in the eyes and saw his soul had left him because of terrible things he had done in his past, Yet he knew he couldn't deny anyone from his gift to fullfill other's dreams.
So he told him gently to go home and bring him a sharp knife.
The man did what he was asked and returned the knife to the madmaster.
Now you will kill me he said, but before you do, ask yourself if you can bring me back to life afterwards. To help you understand that you are God, you must practice Love, for only Love can bring people back from the dead.
The man hesitated and stuttered, where do I learn Love?
The madmaster then replied: look into your own life, where have you killed, where have you hated and where have you enjoyed to torture others?
The man took a few moments and said it taught him nothing about Love.
The madmaster then said: you go home now and practise Love on all those people whom you killed, to withdraw your hate from those you have hated and above all see the people you have tortured and bring them comfort.

A few years went by and the man returned to the madmaster. They looked into eachothers eyes and the madmaster saw the soul had returned in the man. He didn't ask what he had done but let him speak by himself.
A young child the man said, which I deviously had tortured accepted my sweets and cried its tears into my hands. It is there that I understood what Love is and that I have so much work to do to redo what I did wrong, that I take my ambition from you to be fullfilled, for I have no time to be God.
The madmaster smiled and said farewell to him, but also a tear fell from his own eyes. He understood now his own ambition had been fullfilled, for when you can turn some1 into God, you need no wishing anymore. He went away and shortly after he died.


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