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Re: Theos-World Some Comments about dedicated theosophists

Dec 17, 2008 08:04 AM
by MKR


Welcome to the list. It is an unmoderated list and you are welcome to share
your thinking on any matter.

On 12/17/08, F Gregg Meagher <> wrote:
>   Hi!
> I am new to your 'Theos-Talk' Group...
> not to human-life errors and contradictions though.
> I would like to thank you for being the first eMail I have had come before
> my eyes; as you clarified a problem within Theology which I know to be
> humanity's downfall.
> The Structure of Life Itself deems interACTIVE support in It's defense
> necessary. Violence is not necessary; nevertheless it is human within all
> beliefs. We have witnessed recently, the same, in Holiest of Places on this
> planet. Being active is!
> In brief, I not only agree with your statement, I am thankful for someone
> who puts things (Reality) on the proverbial line of Truth. I have, since a
> child, lived a somewhat Guided Lifestyle. Reason I know and understand
> fully. I am not in Theos to follow decades and centuries of historical
> 'thinking' without 'doing'. I am here to confirm, for a human brain, that
> which I already know to be. When Truth is Knowledge lived within; the
> human-factor (as I call it) falls extremely short of a Solution for the
> World's (Universes') problems which 'man' has created and maintains in
> silent development.
> Have a Great Day!
> Here, where I am on this Planet, it is 7:48 AM and time for a much needed
> 2nd cup of coffee.
> Take care!
> Gregg
> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 7:29 AM, MKR <<>>
> wrote:
> > Anyone who had taken the trouble to read the HPB's Collected Works,
> > should
> > have noticed a simple fact. She was very forceful and active in writing
> to
> > newspapers and other publications on various issues related to TS and
> > theosophy. She did not closet herself and act like a meek mouse.
> >
> > Even after she moved to India, she was very forceful in her views on all
> > matters where there was injustice, social or otherwise, within the TS as
> > well as out in the society. Early Theosophical classics have enough
> > material
> > for us to guide our actions in congruence with the First Object. Most of
> us
> > believe in the absolute justice of Karma and confident that Karma will
> > ultimately take care of maintaining the progress and balance. However,
> the
> > lesson for all of us from HPB is to act and do something and not to be
> > silent spectators sitting down meditating or follow some other occult
> > practices in the hope that some good will come to us and also to the
> > Humanity.
> >
> > Most of us are familiar with the events in TS since last December and TS
> is
> > now in a serious crisis whose origins can be traced to a handful of
> > theosophists. Recently, it came to my notice that most of the residents
> of
> > Krotona are long time dedicated members and if my information is correct,
> > one has to be a member of the esoteric section to be allowed to reside
> > there, which means they are committed members. Many are very well known
> > among theosophical community around the world. Many have lectured and
> > written on a lot on very interesting theosophical topics.
> >
> > Looking at the events that have unfolded in TS, openly and behind the
> > scenes, what we have seen is that none of those (especially the well
> known
> > ones) at Krotona have raised a finger openly and in public on the issues
> at
> > the back of the events that brought us to the current crisis. One wonders
> > why such a deafening silence. What kind of message are we sending to
> other
> > members as well as outside world from which future members have to come
> > from? It makes me sad to see this sorry state of affairs.
> >
> > I hope all members wake up and think for themselves and decide what
> action
> > they can take to help TS and theosophy instead of being silent
> spectators.
> >
> > MKR
> >
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> >
> >
> >
> --
> If you have not yet found that something, which at times, you know is
> missing within you and your life... it is only because 'No One' is telling
> you the truth about 'You'!
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