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Re: Theos-World Re: [Modern Cosmology ] Re: Cyclic Model vs. Big Bang

Dec 17, 2008 07:21 AM
by F Gregg Meagher

Can we jump down to more basic and fundamental thoughts?
How, in terms that any Tom, Dick, or Harry could visualize and
understand, do you see 'Life' as a structural existence and Reality?
Spirituality as a Reality?
Human as a 'mannequin'?
Knowledge (Logical) that is not based-upon human research or environmental
Thanks for considering a reply.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Leon Maurer <> wrote:

> On Nov 25, 2008, at 11/25/083:29 PM, macromitch wrote:
> > --- In<>,
> "Rachel"
> > <dustballdustball@...>
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> As of recently, I finished "Endless Universe:[...]--Rewriting Cosmic
> >> History," (I think I recall someone suggesting the book on this site;
> >> if so, thank you) a book pitting Big Bang and cyclic model together
> >> and giving insight into this up-and-coming theory. The book was
> >> captivating, informative and full, yet relatable. But I digress....
> >>
> >> What I intended was to start a discussion on the two. Which of the
> >> two do you think is the better theory and why (I support cyclic
> >> model more myself)?
> >>
> >
> > Cosmologists observe spatial expansion accelerating. This implies an
> > infinite future and there is no crunch ahead. If there is no crunch
> > ahead there can be no prior universe that collapsed.
> But, if the universe expands so far that all its forms dissipate and
> dissolve back into the aether from whence they came -- then all their
> formative information will still remain in the higher order
> hyperspace fields until they dissolve back into their zero-point spin
> momentum origins -- the source of all cyclic laws governing universal
> electrodynamics.
> Thus, the entire cosmos would eventually have returned to its
> "singularity" origin -- with all its structural information intact.
> If such is the case, then, at the end of a certain period of cyclic
> rest, the cosmos could reanimate into a cosmogenesis similar to the
> original start of the present cosmos.** This would imply that cosmic
> consciousness, as an aspect of the unconditioned Aether, would use
> its awakened will to impel the new emanation, fractal involution, and
> ultimate big bang, inflation, and evolution on the lowest order
> physical/material level of overall spacetime.
> IOW, the cosmos along with the physical universe -- with all its
> galaxies, stars, planets, sentient beings, down to the fundamental
> sub quantum and quantum particles -- would all have to be analogously
> cyclic in nature... And, periodically come in and out of existence at
> whatever frequency level they each exist on. In parallel, rach
> individual phenomenal consciousness would also periodically come in
> and out of existence as living beings, along their evolutionary paths
> toward higher and higher perfected degrees of perception, thought,
> understanding, response, knowledge and experience. The driving force
> of all such "creative evolution" being the will of consciousness
> empowered by desire to experience and learn. What better way than
> for the cosmic consciousness to split itself up into infinite
> varieties of multiple levels of sentient beings -- from cellular
> biota to humans (made up of cellular bioya:), and perhaps even
> through other higher order angels and god-like or devilish beings
> living and experiencing in hyperspace (along, perhaps, with our
> spiritually awakened dead friends and family waiting for rebirth.) ;-).
> Leon Maurer
> **
> >
> > Mitch Raemsch
> >
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If you have not yet found that something, which at times, you know is
missing within you and your life... it is only because 'No One' is telling
you the truth about 'You'!

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