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Some Comments about dedicated theosophists

Dec 16, 2008 10:29 PM
by MKR

 Anyone who had taken the trouble to read the HPB's Collected Works, should
have noticed a simple fact. She was very forceful and active in writing to
newspapers and other publications on various issues related to TS and
theosophy. She did not closet herself and act like a meek mouse.

Even after she moved to India, she was very forceful in her views on all
matters where there was injustice, social or otherwise, within the TS as
well as out in the society. Early Theosophical classics have enough material
for us to guide our actions in congruence with the First Object. Most of us
believe in the absolute justice of Karma and confident that Karma will
ultimately take care of maintaining the progress and balance. However, the
lesson for all of us from HPB is to act and do something and not to be
silent spectators sitting down meditating or follow some other occult
practices in the hope that some good will come to us and also to the

Most of us are familiar with the events in TS since last December and TS is
now in a serious crisis whose origins can be traced to a handful of
theosophists. Recently, it came to my notice that most of the residents of
Krotona are long time dedicated members and if my information is correct,
one has to be a member of the esoteric section to be allowed to reside
there, which means they are committed members. Many are very well known
among theosophical community around the world. Many have lectured and
written on a lot on very interesting theosophical topics.

Looking at the events that have unfolded in TS, openly and behind the
scenes, what we have seen is that none of those (especially the well known
ones) at Krotona have raised a finger openly and in public on the issues at
the back of the events that brought us to the current crisis. One wonders
why such a deafening silence. What kind of message are we sending to other
members as well as outside world from which future members have to come
from?  It makes me sad to see this sorry state of affairs.

I hope all members wake up and think for themselves and decide what action
they can take to help TS and theosophy instead of being silent spectators.


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