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Re: Theos-World Re: Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?

Dec 16, 2008 06:16 PM
by Cass Silva

Seasons Greetings Leon,
As always with your emails I need to assimilate but I am finding that all is becoming a lot clearer now- thanks to you. Today is not a good day for assimilation as I had a date with Bacchus last night! 

You mention a new beginning in 2012 do you have any idea of the effects this may have on the human body?


From: Leon Maurer <>
Cc: Journal of consc Study forum <>
Sent: Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 11:37:03 AM
Subject: Theos-World Re: Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?

Hi Cass,

Yes, I think we've already broken through the last barrier toward 
fulfilling HPB's prophesy in the very near future. (Perhaps this is 
the great new change that the Mayan calendar has been telling us is 
coming around 2012... Not an end, but a beginning. ;-)

The final proof will come when the ABC model can be demonstrated as 
fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. Already research is being planned 
that will demonstrate, so everyone can see and experience it, that 
the universe is a hologram, and what we can know of it is already in 
our higher mind... Pretty much the way HPB described it (if you can 
read the SD "in and around the words and between the lines" and cut 
through all the "blinds").

As for the previous universe and pralaya...

All that it requires, is for the universe to continue to expand -- 
and lose entropy -- until everything in it dissolves back into the 
aether or absolute space... With total metric space and its mass- 
energy "particles" and their forms compacting into infinite zero- 
(laya) points of spin momentum or "abstract motion" (while still 
containing all the information as holographic wave interference 
patterns)... While that aether, which in its overall nature is like a 
"Bose Einstein Condensate" (see remains ONE thing... 
"Whose center, when manifest, is everywhere and circumference nowhere".

That "total space" (as Einstein called it) is the cosmic 
"singularity" that reflects itself in every potentially conscious 
black hole at the center of every universal form -- whose still 
center, at absolute zero, during pralaya, is pure (sleeping) 
potential cosmic consciousness and potential matter... Ready to wake 
up again and go through another cosmogenesis, until we all reappear 
in the new cycle of life, to further evolve on a higher plane, and 
take up where we left off in the previous manvantara ;-) See:
http://www.leonmaur s/evolution2. gif
Note that the fractal involved field model of cosmogenesis 
analogously applies to the physical universe as well as all the 
galaxies and other forms of mass-energy, on down through our solar 
system and planet, to the fundamental particles (spherical standing 
waves) of light. See:
(head on cross section of a single spherically polarized photon)
http://www.leonmaur s/PhotonField. gif
And compare to: (cosmogenesis at the third Logos)
http://www.leonmaur s/Chakrafield- spherical- col_3.jpg

For an interesting take on this, see Feynman's talk about light: com/watch? v=FjHJ7FmV0M4

All that -- putting together Einstein's general relativity, Feynman's 
quantum electrodynamics, Bohm-Pribram' s' holographic paradigm, Kaluza- 
Klien-Greene- Witten-Kaku' s string and membrane physics -- certainly 
is "scientific" ... And, all of it totally consistent with the ABC 
model of cosmogenesis, based solely on the formulas in the Book of 
Dzyan, as explained by HPB.

Then, when pralaya is over (as the modern scientific pundits 
speculate from their mathematics) -- the infinite new universes 
(galaxies, solar systems, planets, bacteria, plants, animals, humans, 
etc,) spring up everywhere in their time and place, like spray in an 
ocean of waves... "As above, so below' and."The microcosm(s) (is/ 
are) the mirror(s) of the macrocosm" (as the ancient philosopher/ 
scientist pundits say;-).

So, the cosmos (like every universe) and every composite form, or 
particle-wave in it, is a hologram -- within even larger holograms -- 
ad infinitum. And, as the Buddhist and Vedic philosophers say. "All 
is Maya" or illusion. (But, this cannot be "scientific, " even though 
actual -- since conventional science can only deal with the physical/ 
material or measurable universe). So, what we need is a new 
scientific paradigm -- which we might call "philosophical science" or 
"scientific philosophy" or maybe just plain "theosophy". ;-)

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer
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http://www.tellworl Biological. Coenergetics/

On Dec 14, 2008, at 12/14/088:48 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> Hi Leon
> Science has finally come around to what HPB said 100 years ago. 
> Still the problem remains - from where the previous universe - I 
> guess Pralaya wouldn't explain it as it is a non-scientific 
> concept. Did HPB mention anything about conditions during Pralaya?
> Cass
> ps Just listened to a doco on Steven Hawking - he agrees with 
> Greene's theory of multi-dimensional vibration strings (rather than 
> particles) and says it explains why gravity is weaker in our 3 
> dimensions because it has travelled through 8 others. They are 
> more or less stating that Quantum Mechanics explains gravity at the 
> quantum level ( at the smallest) and marries it with Relativity (at 
> the largest) and Hawkings Black Hole Theory
> If I understood it correctly they cannot explain what they call 
> 'the singularity' other than to say the symmetry was broken and are 
> now toying with the idea of universes not unlike particles, just 
> popping in and out of existence! And this from the greatest minds 
> of modern science.
> Cass
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> From: Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@aol. com>
> To: jcs-online Study forum <jcs-online@yahoogro>
> Sent: Sunday, 14 December, 2008 6:09:51 PM
> Subject: Theos-World Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?
> Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?
> http://www.newscien article/mg200268 61.500-did- our-cosmos-
> exist-before- the-big-bang. html?DCMP= NLC-nletter& 
> nsref=mg20026861 .500
> http://tinyurl. com/5tkvfb
> Very likely -- if the ABC fractal involved holographic field model of
> periodic cosmogenesis is correct.
> Leon Maurer
> http://canonizer. com/topic. asp/23/13
> "Note: This canonizer topic ("HARD PROBLEM") enables us to directly
> compare theories and models of consciousness and its interconnections
> with mind, memory, brain, body, senses, etc.. If you agree with the
> ABC theory of cosmogenesis -- postulating consciousness as an a
> priori quality of ubiquitous absolute space (or any other reasonable
> theory) please feel free to sign on to add your support or, if you
> have anything to add or contribute to the topic, or wish to post your
> own theory, open a new sub-camp or camp statement."
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