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An Opinion from Outside TS

Dec 16, 2008 04:43 PM
by MKR

Here is a feedback from an individual. I hope this would interest many here.


"Thank you for including me in your mailing. I am not a member of the TS but
have observed it from a distance for about 12 years, at first with
admiration but more recently with some disappointment. What I see today
appears to be a fractious and contentious membership without any steadying
leadership. Although the members of the TS whom I have known and befriended
still seem to hold to the TS's highest principles, the TS as an organization
appears to have become increasingly isolated and secretive, and to some
extent dogmatic in both its attitudes and its practice. I doubt that Madam
Blavatsky would approve. Feel free to forward this to others if you feel it
will be of any use.

Best regards,


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