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Theos-World Re: Did Blavatsky forge Mahatma Letters?

Dec 16, 2008 05:20 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Cas,

Thanks for that :)

There is also my own article on Blavatsky's phenomena in general:

and my explanation of what a Mahatma is:

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Found this and more at your website
> Cass
>    Some years later it became necessary to explain: "When I
publicly said that I had received, after H.P. Blavatsky's death,
letters in the writing, that H.P. Blavatsky had been accused of
forging, I referred to letters given to me by Mr. Judge, and as they
were in the well-known script, I never dreamt of challenging their
source. I know now that they were not written or precipitated by the
Master, but that they were done by Mr. Judge; but I also believe that
the gist of these messages was psychically received, and that Mr.
Judge's error lay in giving them to me in a script written by himself
and not saying so. . . Having been myself mistaken, I in turn misled
the public."       
> The August Theosophist just to hand contains another embittered
attack on Mr. T.H. Martyn, President of the Sydney Lodge, by Mrs.
Annie Besant. Last May, in The Theosophist, Mrs. Besant wrote that Mr.
Martyn had, in a lecture on the Masters, used most insulting language
about Them. Being myself present at the lecture in question, I knew
Mrs. Besant's statement to be untrue. The whole lecture affirmed the
existence of Masters, and was entirely appreciative of Them. Everyone
who knows Mr. Martyn as a lecturer and writer knows that he never
hesitates to express his personal acceptance of this tenet of the
Ancient Wisdom. Imagine the astonishment of scores of people,
including myself, who, having heard this lecture, read the gross
misrepresentations of a woman held up to T.S. members as worthy not
only of their respect, but of their veneration. I wrote to The
Theosophist last June repudiating Mrs. Besant's falsehood, and this
letter is printed in the "Watch
>  Tower Notes" of the August Theosophist, with further
misrepresentations by Mrs. Besant.
>           I now go more into detail than in my letter to
The Theosophist, and take the opportunity of explaining the actual facts.
>           In introducing his subject at this particular
lecture, Mr., Martyn quoted from The Key to Theosophy, what H.P.
Blavatsky herself says on the subject of Masters. The Daily Telegraph
reporter makes his own brief summary, as reporters do. I now reproduce
in opposite columns exactly what H.P.B. writes in "The Key" which is
exactly what Mr. Martyn read out to his audience, and opposite, I
reproduce what our "revered leader," Annie Besant, sees fit to put
into Mr. Martyn's mouth and her scandalous comments. Mrs. Besant's
slur on "the character of the audience" (about 700 persons), shows the
real type of Mrs. Besant's psychological make up, the mentality, that
is, of Mrs. Besant, when at bay, and unable or unwilling to answer a
few questions put to her in Mr. Martyn's letter of May, 1920.
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> From: Katinka Hesselink <mail@...>
> To:
> Sent: Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 12:21:17 AM
> Subject: Theos-World Re: Did Blavatsky forge Mahatma Letters?
> The Masters were very clear on this: they needed Blavatsky as go
> between for the psychic processes.
> Personally I'm not that surprised that they would use different
> techniques at different times in history. During Blavatsky's life they
> wrote letters - but most of their chelas received messages from them
> differently: either clairvoyantly, or simply face to face. 
> Isn't that what Leadbeater claimed as well?
> But the unique thing was: Sinnett was NOT a chela or regular student
> of the masters. The latter chose to communicate with him anyhow,
> because he stood a chance of opening up western thought to
> possibilities that no one else could make clear like he could. 
> Katinka
> http://www.allconsi
> http://www.katinkah esselink. net/
> --- In theos-talk@yahoogro, "Anand" <AnandGholap@ ...> wrote:
> >
> > After Blavatsky's death all people stopped receiving "Mahatma
> > Letters". What conclusions we can draw from it? According to
> > Blavatsky, Masters don't write letters physically, it is chelas who
> > write letters. Masters had many chelas like Subba Rao, Leadbeater,
> > Damodar Mavlankar (from my state). Most of these chelas did not write
> > letters for Mahatmas. If Masters really wanted to write letters, they
> > would have used many other chelas also. Does that mean initiative to
> > materialize letters was from Blavatsky, and not from the Masters?
> >
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