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Re: Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?

Dec 14, 2008 06:31 PM
by Richard Semock

The big what? Western physical science considers only a fraction of 
the universe which makes it lame from the get-go. Poor Hawking is 
beating his brains out groping around with considering only a few 
pieces of the puzzle. 

The SD on the other hand is a product of a finished study of the 
universe which the ancient wisdom is. I rely more on the SD when it 
comes to the determination of paraphysical states of the cosmos. The 
stanzas dont spell it out in a scientific sense but they are sign 
posts that point the way to the structure of reality. 

--- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
> Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?
> exist-before-the-big-bang.html?DCMP=NLC-nletter&nsref=mg20026861.500
> Very likely -- if the ABC fractal involved holographic field model 
> periodic cosmogenesis is correct.
> Leon Maurer
> "Note:  This canonizer topic ("HARD PROBLEM") enables us to 
> compare theories and models of consciousness and its 
> with mind, memory, brain, body, senses, etc..  If you agree with 
> ABC theory of cosmogenesis -- postulating consciousness as an a  
> priori quality of ubiquitous absolute space (or any other 
> theory) please feel free to sign on to add your support or, if you  
> have anything to add or contribute to the topic, or wish to post 
> own theory, open a new sub-camp or camp statement."
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