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Theos-World Re: Why did Blavatsky forge Mahatma Letters?

Dec 14, 2008 04:31 AM
by christinaleestemaker

'The Masters of Wisdom and Compassion and Peace send their envoys 
continuously into the world of men, one after the other . . . The 
messengers do not always do public work before the world, but 
frequently work in the silences and unknown of men, or relatively 
unknown. At certain times, however, they are commissioned and 
empowered and directed to do their work publicly and to make public 
announcement of their mission. Such, for instance, was the case of 
H.P. Blavatsky.' (OG 107)
    'She came . . . at the beginning of one Messianic cycle of 2,160 
years . . . She was the messenger for her age, that is, for the age 
to come -- the one who was to sound a new keynote, which yet, 
mystically speaking, is as old as the ages . . . Just as Jesus called 
the Christ was an avatâra of one kind for his age, so was H.P. 
Blavatsky an avatâra of another kind for her age. . . .
    '[I]t is the duty of theosophists . . . to see to it that the 
message which she brought and gave into our hands as a holy charge 
shall be kept pure and unadulterated, and shall be passed on to our 
descendants of succeeding generations just as we have received 
it.' (WoS 140-1) 

Yes, and this he can hang over his bed for better impression.

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> The more we study Anand the more we become aware of the same
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> Subject: Theos-World Re: Why did Blavatsky forge Mahatma Letters?
> The more we study Blavatsky, more we become aware of her 
> personality" .
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> > After Blavatsky's death all people stopped receiving "Mahatma
> > Letters". What conclusions we can draw from it? According to
> > Blavatsky, Masters don't write letters physically, it is chelas 
> > write letters. Masters had many chelas like Subba Rao, Leadbeater,
> > Damodar Mavlankar (from my state). Most of these chelas did not 
> > letters for Mahatmas. If Masters really wanted to write letters, 
> > would have used many other chelas also. Does that mean initiative 
> > materialize letters was from Blavatsky, and not from the Masters?
> >
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