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A Summary of the Paradigm: Extending the Metaphor: Determining the Reality...

Dec 12, 2008 05:22 PM
by Leon Maurer

Thank you Dirk, for clarifying the use of the phrase "multilayered  
hologram" to describe the true nature of the holistic (or holonomic  
as Pribram calls it) structure of the overall cosmos or total universe.

This fits in perfectly with my fractal involved hyperspherical field  
theory... Which postulates that the cosmos forms, holistically,  
harmonically, and interpenetratively out of the primal unconditioned  
or *absolute* space (primal substance) -- from its initial  
cosmogenesis on down through each descending world of increasing  
density (frequency energy phase order) -- as a matrix of  
interconnected hyperspherical (toroidal) fields within fields, within  
fields, within fields, etc., surrounding every zero-point singularity  
(near infinite spin momentum) throughout total space. See:

Each such coadunate but not consubstantial field, vibrates at varying  
frequency energies between near infinite to near zero -- with our  
metric physical spacetime (or fourth lowest world of the third Logos  
of cosmogenesis) vibrating at the spectrum between the longest radio  
waves and shortest gamma waves traveling at the photon light speed...  
With the higher order (astral, mental, spiritual) cosmic fields of  
consciousness still surrounding every zero-point of absolute space  
located everywhere in that metric physical space.

This enables the information of consciousness to be carried as  
modulated holographic wave interference patterns, that can be  
transformed/transmitted from one hyperspace layer to another by phase  
conjugate adaptive resonance.

Thereby, allowing absolute consciousness (unconditioned awareness,  
will) -- located at every zero-point origin of the holonomic  
multilayered fields -- to reconstruct and detect the holographic  
information of sensory or memory images (stored on different higher  
order fields) by simple reflection of a coherent radiation projected  
from the spin momentum surrounding that point.

This is a perfect analog of the way we perceive holographic visual  
images as if seen from a single point in the center of our head.   
Thus, every zero-point in the surface of the eye lens carries a full  
holographic image of the entire visual field.  A simple pin hole  
camera is clear evidence of this holographic nature of the  
information carried on the surface of each layer of the fractal  
involved harmonic fields in total space.

Thus, the entire structure of everything in the universe, down to the  
smallest particle in quantum or sub quantum space is simply an  
analogous replica of the original cosmogenesis.  As the ancient  
occultists say, "As above, so below", and, "The microcosm is the  
mirror of the macrocosm."  From this basis, all physics and chemistry  
evolves in accord with the laws of electrodynamics and thermodynamics.

See a cross-sectional diagram of an oncoming photon spherical  
standing wave and its circular polarization -- analogous to light on  
the higher order fields of cosmogenesis ... Thus, we have an astral  
light a mental light and a spiritual light -- all accessible to  
Incidentally, it is also helpful to know that each analogous fractal  
involved field is composed of infinite parallel lines of primal zero- 
point G-force emanted from opposite poles of each multi polar  
singularity.  These rays or superstrings travel linearly on an  
endless triple cycled Mobius-Klein spiral vortex path, and vibrate  
laterally at the natural resonant frequency of each field -- stepping  
down from near infinite on the spiritual plane  to near zero on the  
physical-material plane.

The analog of this is the twin spiral strand DNA molecules that are  
holonomically located in every cell -- but also carry the entire  
information for the protein structure of the overall body and all its  
individual cells encoded in the enfoldment of its electrochemical and  
higher order resonant field structures of the four bases between the  
twin strands.  Thus, in addition to the genes, themselves, the entire  
human body and all its cells and organs are composed of interactive  
multilayered holograms on the surface of all their fractal involved  
harmonic fields -- analogous to the structure of the entire total  
space of the universe, beginning at the moment of cosmogenesis.

Thus, the ideal image of man contained in the highest order spiritual  
field of cosmogenesis is reflected in the analogous field on the  
physical plane... This is the general model of the physical bodies of  
each human being, modified by the infinite possible physical  
differences introduced by the modified structure of the individual  
DNA molecules.

It's also obvious from this model that, as Einstein said, "Energy is  
space in motion"... And thereby, the individual quantum particles are  
apparently, knots if energy or standing waves, at different frequency- 
energies, on the surface of the total spacetime continuum (or  
"Aether") of the fourth lowest order physical/material world we  

So, I wonder how this model of overall multi level holographic  
reality might be integrated with your holon/pelestration model --  
since we seem to looking at the same thing from different viewpoints,  
and coming to the same holonomic conclusions?

The main difference, as I see it, is that, according to the ABC  
model, all harmonic radiant gravitational or electrodynamic fields  
are generated from the poles of spherical singularities and are  
analogously hyperspherical in nature.

Thus, while the initial absolute space is flat... All subsequent  
radiant harmonic fields (layered as bubbles within bubbles, within  
bubbles, within bubbles,, etc.) either after initial cosmogenesis, or  
the genesis of any form of ponderable matter -- are fundamentally  

Therefore, due to the analogous interpenetration of all these fractal  
involved fields at all levels of frequency-energy phase orders -- the  
overall periodically manifest universe, as well as all its component  
parts are holographic in nature... And their *information* is based  
on cyclic wave motions that are formed into modulated wave  
interference patterns... With all such fields and their frequencies  
originating from fundamental circular spin... And, their "time"  
measure beginning with the cyclic change of the initial vibrational  
frequency of the first triune cosmic field.

Thereby, the speed of light would vary exponentially from one  
hyperspace field order to another -- i.e., from 'c' on the physical  
level to 'c^6' on the spiritual level...  Thereby, accounting for the  
instantaneousness of thought, along with the recollection, cross  
referencing, and integration of memories occurring or stored on the  
higher order "astro-biological coenergetic" mind fields.

All of the above being the fundamental basis of the experientially  
modifiable (and thus apparently randomized) fractal and spiral  
vortical structures of all biological forms -- reflected in the  
variably malleable neural structures of the brain, and the variable  
symmetries and asymmetries of the body -- similar to all other  
sentient beings.

Any questions?

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer

On Dec 9, 2008, at 12/9/087:30 AM, pelastration wrote:

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>> And, again, you now confuse the idea of an electrodynamic
>> holographic universe with the flat holograms of ordinary laser
>> photography -- which of course is fuzzy - since the film emulsion has
>> grain, and even the substrate is particulate and thus, asymmetric.
>> But the radiant higher order, symmetric fields of hyperspace
>> (relative to the physical level of the brain and its electromagnetic
>> fields) are grainless and continuous, like a BEC... And the
>> holographic images they carry can be not only entirely precise, but
>> instantaneous as well.
> Leon, in that case IMO you can not use the term "holographic".
> Holography is just about the surface (of an object), not about the
> inner structure.
> In example - Frank Wilczek - use the term "multi-layered", like I do
> in my holon theory.( )
> Best,
> dirk

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